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BizBrolly 04 Oct 2021
Do you know that today 81% of businesses have at least one app or a segment of their online infrastructure in the cloud today? 13% of enterprises with over 1K employees have migrated their entire IT environment to the cloud as of today. The facts may sound unimportant to …Continue reading
BizBrolly 10 Oct 2016
There are more small business owners now than ever before. You’ll find each of their stories so unique and inspiring—each making you wonder will you, or how will you ever be good enough. Well, we don’t know will, but we sure do have some insights for small business owners …Continue reading
BizBrolly 18 Sep 2016
First days at a new workplace are always nerve-wrecking. I learned a lot about development and design, but more importantly, I learned about how to learn and how to …Continue reading
BizBrolly 28 Jul 2016
It would be futile to say technology simplifies our lives. Because tech does more than just that. It is an extension of ourselves. Cabinets in offices have moved to folders on the cloud, telephone conversations have been replaced through emails. And we can go on. The 21st century workplace is …Continue reading
BizBrolly 20 Jul 2016
Monday Morning blues aren’t a myth! It is Monday morning, you’re swarmed with emails and your to-do list from over the long weekend is hitting double digits—and your boss just won’t stop talking about a business idea you think is quite frankly, terrible. Or think about presentation you put …Continue reading
BizBrolly 07 Jun 2016
Who is it going to be? Recruitment process can sometimes feel to be lengthy and tedious. It might take quite some time before the right candidate comes along. Despite much adulation, how do you know they really are able to handle the job description you’ve laid out for them? …Continue reading
BizBrolly 16 May 2016
Your first interaction with the client need not be saved for formal interactions. The invigorating shift in work cultures and client relations prompts most business owners, to up their game in the market.  Here is your cue: Make that first meeting count. Just as it takes only the first …Continue reading
BizBrolly 10 May 2016
At Bizbrolly blog house, it is always buzzing ideas. Our unique innovation lab is not simply a trade house for technology services, but an interactive tech conservatory, where we ideate and create.   For some time now, we had been toying with the idea of a Web Series that …Continue reading
BizBrolly 04 May 2016
Arrive home on Friday, tired, and feel that the weekend is more a respite from the week ahead, rather than an opportunity to live. – An average employee Many will unfortunately relate to this, and it’s because of the nature of one the most important parts of their life. …Continue reading
BizBrolly 28 Apr 2016
Reading brings wondrous insights. There are no two ways about it. BizBrolly Solutions has put together a sharp list of books that every start-up entrepreneur must read. This list is a compilation of suggested books from leaders from around the world. Fountainhead- Ayn Rand “The question isn’t who is …Continue reading

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