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BizBrolly 18 Sep 2016

My First Month at BizBrolly

First days at a new workplace are always nerve-wrecking— I was no exception. With a bit of excitement and a bunch of questions in my mind, I walked into the BizBrolly office to start another chapter of my work-life.
What put me at ease at once was the people I meet as I arrived to the office. They are some of the friendliest people— the kind of people who make you feel very relaxed— who create a very positive environment in the workplace. This was certainly a good start to a fantastic month.
What I gathered was that each morning at BizBrolly starts with the discussion on the plan of the day for both interns and employees and day passes with full of enthusiasm and shared passion to deliver best. It is amazing how there are so many people around too to seek help from if you struggle, be it my Manager, or a fellow associate. The pool of knowledge and affection that I receive here at BizBrolly from first day is very difficult to find at any other place.
I am absolutely fascinated by the work culture here. All colleagues share a great camaraderie that encourages one to work more energetically. We even play mind relaxation games and have small office events every month. Our CEO, despite being so busy and stressed takes full care of each and every employee both at professional as well as personal level. He always encourages us to take challenge and that’s the Mantra at BizBrolly.
So, in essence, in my first month at BizBrolly, I learned a lot about development and design, but more importantly, I learned about how to learn and how to take responsibilities. People have always told me that practice was key in becoming good at something. While I didn’t dismiss what they said, I did not exactly understand how true it was. For a lot of people, this will sound redundant but it is something I choose to follow closely. Practice makes perfect.
Hoping truly to effectively add value here at BizBrolly.  Wish me luck.
Divya T


3 thoughts on “My First Month at BizBrolly”

    1. Thank you… Whatever I learned or learning here is only possible because of the environment created by you and the adorable BizBrolly team .

  1. hav a successful journey. and achieve urs goals and desire of ur life wid lots of strugles and xperience from bizbrolly. best of luck divya thakur

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