How BizBrolly is Maintaining Work Productivity during this Corona Epidemic?

corona epidemic

Coronavirus impacts can be clearly seen in “before and after satellite images” which were released by a well-acclaimed international satellite agency. Because of coronavirus outbreaks the entire world is under the paused mode. It has slowed down the businesses and people’s lifestyle to a great extent. Amidst corona pandemic, BizBrolly ( Mobile App Development Company in India) is assiduously working towards maintaining productivity along with safety for their employees.

Every business domain either it’s travel, e-commerce, hospitality, FMCG or banking has been impacted by coronavirus outbreaks. Still, we are far more resilient due to the firm determination of our employees as their morale is on the pinnacle to accomplish the work in such a strenuous condition. 

We have doubled our productivity as travel constraints are eliminated to a great extent. Our developers are more productive than workplace working. Team collaboration & software development speed up, which helps us achieve the milestone. We understand how this time is precious for small scale businesses. 

We took this time as an opportunity to grow instead of showing reluctance. We understand that this an absolutely right time for development be it related to mobile or web app development when the epidemic crisis will be over.

Our work ethics play a vital role to look forward even after the hard circumstances. BizBrolly senior team members are in high-spirit and strive to motivate their colleagues. All stakeholders are happy by the endeavours and team-spirit of BizBrollians.

We’re an IT Company that serves national and overseas clients in the sundry sphere of website and mobile app development and design. We’re bound to strict deadlines and deliverables to run business seamlessly, and in the COVID-19 situation, it’s quite important to take necessary steps without any fail. We cannot put our commitment on hold. Therefore our decision-making body has decided to implement the concrete plan within the organization and allows everyone to work from home.

However, to move forward & tackle this situation, BizBrolly management took initiatives to ensure the safety of employees at the workplace. We have circulated the government advisory among the staff members and advised them to keep safe themselves while at home and the workplace. We are following the government advisory regularly without fail. We have made them aware of using masks and sanitizers and updated every authenticated information in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Also, BizBrolly announced the detailed guidelines and measures to fight against coronavirus disease.

Here’re the few steps which could explain our strategies to tackle the productivity issues.

Publishing Government Advisory

The Government of India is taking every essential step to face the challenges and threats as emerged by COVID -19 pandemic. We support the advisories and notifications as being issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In order to minimize the impact of this contagious disease, we published all Government notifications.

Meanwhile, we have made them (Ref. employees, clients and visitors who were visiting BizBrolly premises frequently) aware of symptoms, precautionary steps, and to follow the government’s advisory with immediate effect. 

Safety and well-being of our employees are our top priority which could not be compromised under any circumstances. We made all possible efforts to spread awareness & succeed to achieve our goal.

Use of Sanitizers and Face Masks at Workplace

COVID -19 is a new kind of disease, and still, the world’s top health organizations are learning of its spread. However, according to the latest release by the health agency and government body that this virus is transmitted via. Skin contact, ears, eyes or nose by transferring infected globules of mucus. 

Consequently, “prevention is better than cure”, and for this reason, we have arranged sanitizers, and face masks for employees at the workplace. We also guided them to wear face masks while travelling from one place to another and try to maintain an appropriate distance.

Close Monitoring of the Health Status of Staff and Associated People

To keep everyone safe from the COVID-19, we began to monitor the health status of our employees and inquired if they or their close associates are symptomatic. And all this was done without spreading panic among the team members.

Granted Permission WFH (Work From Home)

We allowed our employees to work from home amidst the crisis of coronavirus outbreaks. But here, it was important to keep everything aligned without impacting productivity. So, we took advantage of team collaboration tools and made the arrangement for the same. Our team members have shown great zeal and enthusiasm while working from home. We are progressive to achieve our milestones. Everyone was actively participating in meetings, discussions, and client calls even working from far distances.

Necessary Tools and Technology for Uninterrupted Work

Sundry of alternative options are available for team collaboration and project tracking that can make your work done together, smarter and faster. We took advantage of the best team collaboration mobile app & tool and connected each and every via. this digital platform. It was quite impressive and result oriented. Everything is going smoothly.

BizBrolly – Mobile App Development Company

BizBrolly is a globally acclaimed mobile app development company that is involved in all sorts of mobile app and website development. Since our inception, we’ve built powerful mobile apps for different industry verticals, including travel, e-commerce, sports, restaurants, healthcare etc. A team of passionate website & app developers keep us ahead of the fierce competition. In a short span of time we have established trust and won the confidence of our potential clients. We’re currently serving different parts of the globe, including the UK, USA, South Africa, and India.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we are connected with our clients by a seamless communication channel to address their concerns, and providing them uninterrupted services. However, there can be a few questions in regards to our business strategy to manage overall software development and delivery. We have made a series of expected doubts and endeavored to explore our strategy to a great extent. Let’s go through a few FAQ’s to bring transparency.


  1. Do you have any pandemic preparation plans at your workplace Or in the WFH scenario?

BizBrolly has always been in favor of the work from home in case of any urgency. We have already shared guidelines for WFH, and guided our employees to follow the same. Meanwhile, we encourage our employees to take a note of government and health authority advisory and notifications. Our clients are our first priority, therefore to accomplish milestones we have provided the necessary infrastructure to our employees to carry out their work. We are well-prepared to fight against such a difficult situation, either at the workplace or WFH. Our team and infrastructure will be at work at all times as like working in the office.  

  1. Will this influence project delivery or milestone accomplishment, if the lockdown period extends?

No Chance, we have already accumulated everything that is mandatory to go ahead with our projected timelines. We have been operating for the last five years,  and have extreme potential to work remotely without any halt. Sometimes, network conditions might be challenging one. However, we have also planned for it. Our decision-making body strives to work on every possible scenario which could impact overall productivity, delivery, and communication with clients and stakeholders. 

  1. What if any of the employees or people associated with the project infected by coronavirus?

Although we have instructed our employees to adhere to the government’s guidelines and follow the appropriate measures to keep safe themselves. We ensure that projects shouldn’t be impacted by any such conditions, therefore we have allocated alternatives to employees or associated project team members. Two project managers for every project will be in touch with clients with 24*7 availability.

  1. What about the employees working on-site at client locations in different parts of the world?

Our employees are our assets, and their well-being is our responsibility  therefore we remain always in touch with them. And asked our clients to allow work from home for them.

  1. How can you contact us?

You can contact us on


Contact number: +91 97185 11462

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