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BizBrolly 20 Aug 2015

The Rise of Ambient Intelligence (AmI)

Our growing dependency on mobile phones gives away a slight hint of an overpowering power that rides it. Does it make you wonder the effect your life has due to the presence of technological devices that are around you?

Here is why Ambient Intelligence is something you must know about. If done correctly, ambient intelligence will make you completely oblivious of your dependency on technology. It will make your life so easy, that dependency is not a consequence, merely a way of life.


Ambient Intelligence is all about devising a completely new way of computer interactions—one that makes includes multiple devices and a passive adaption of technological developments. The ultimate goal of ambient technology is to simplify life, make it easy and convenient—maximizing utility by minimizing external input. It is the ability of technology to collect data from its surrounding and produce an output to the level of satisfaction of its consumer with taking minimum inputs from its user.


The Rise of Ambient Intelligence

The Rise of Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence in its nascent stage of development has the word ‘smart’ in the technology it uses. This completely new shift in technology is certainly a big leap into the future if technology- and certainly a very influential one as it lead to technology knowing and understanding the details of your life. However, when its usability gets in the way and simplifies your life, you feel more at use with using it. Ambient Intelligence is a two part technological advancement.


One is the Internet of Things— building greater internet connectivity for networked devices and second, Big Data and Analytics—the collection of collection of abundant data collected over the internet and understanding it to predict consumer usage. The combination of these two trends finds its way to the greater concept of Ambient Intelligence.


Network Of Apps & Devices

Internet Of Things

With AmI, you are moving into a world where you internet less with your smartphone, as it is able to filter out the numerous alerts and classifies them into the appropriate devices and wearable devices without so much as distracting you. Your smart devices could recognize the different UIs and adapts to the content accordingly and your phones having the ability to understand your usage depending of your environment—office/meeting or at home.


With the rise of Ambient Intelligence, your wearable devices will be able to offer you information even before you know you need it. Say, an old friend you have not met in a long time is in town. How lovely for your smartwatch to know this information and tell you about your favorite band playing in the area for the two of you to catch up!


Information even before you know you need it.

Information even before you know you need it.


These examples are small examples of the rise of Ambient Intelligence. Software is getting smarter on an exponential speed with corporations investing big time in its development. With the rise of this technology, maintaining privacy within the public sphere will become increasing difficult. However, Ambient Intelligence is too powerful a technology to not tap into. Privacy and its customary notions will change over time to adapt to a new phase of living with advanced technological inventions.


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