Work Smarter, Not Harder

Arrive home on Friday, tired, and feel that the weekend is more a respite from the week ahead, rather than an opportunity to live. – An average employee
Many will unfortunately relate to this, and it’s because of the nature of one the most important parts of their life. Their work.
Gone should be the days of working the 9-5 routine because putting in more hours is the only way to achieve your targets. This practice frequently does quite the opposite, and it is rarely sustainable in the long term. It will mean that your work quality drops, and you will find yourself not enjoying what you do.
We have a mantra at Bizbrolly that working ‘smarter, not harder’ is a far better solution. In view of the current ongoing difficulties people have, we have noted three areas which, if improved, will achieve powerful results. Some will experience effects more than others, but in even assessing these areas of your work life, you will better them.

  1. Work Patterns

Manage your energy not your time. Have a structure of how and when you want to work. And keep to your plan. Consistency is key.

  1. Communication

Despite emails beings instantaneous and convenient, there is nothing better than just a nice old shout out or a visit to your associates’ desk. Face to face communication is extremely valuable.

  1. Creativity with Venn diagram

In fact, creativity is a bi-product of the first two.
Most tasks require a dedicated time towards things that you find riveting and those that you feel do not utilise your potential. This is your venn diagram. The goal is to balance the two in a manner that continually drives you.

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