Five Point Series: 5 things to ask your next hire

Who is it going to be?
Recruitment process can sometimes feel to be lengthy and tedious. It might take quite some time before the right candidate comes along. Despite much adulation, how do you know they really are able to handle the job description you’ve laid out for them?
In our second part of the Web Consult Series, moving slightly away from the typical interview questions, we bring you 5 questions every company must ask their prospective employee, a.k.a. your next hire when interviewing them.
Question 1: What was the last thing you taught yourself?
This question is very different to what did you last learnt. A tech developer may have recently learnt to code in JAVA, but what you need to understand is, has he or she taught themselves to work develop a knack for either for the front end or back end coding.
It needn’t be Java all the time; it could be French for all you know. The rationale for identifying this at the interview stage is that you will know early on, how well this person knows his or her strengths and if they have been able to identify it correctly—train themselves in the field and present it confidently within an interview setting.
Question 2: What do you do if you don’t know how to do a task?
Look for those candidates that indicate a zest for finding the answers themselves—without seeking to be told by someone. Invest in someone who can research well to quench their thirst for knowledge.
The market is filled with people who wait to be told what to do. Find those who don’t. Find the rebellious ones. Chances are they are the ones to bring about new ideas.
Question 3: Why do you choose this industry?
Finding out the candidate’s interest in the industry gives you rightful insights into what drives this person. Learning these help give you a better idea to assess them for their suitability of the role. If driven by passion, it must be your responsibility to help them find an area within your business that they can drive, if driven by strengths of their skillset, you must take it upon yourself to home them to bring out the best in them. Identify what drives them
Question 4: Do they fit into your company values?
You’ve perhaps spent a chunk of your time shaping your company to take a particular culture. Ask your candidate if they see themselves accommodating to it. Your company values are reflected in your work culture. Let each of your employee be a reflection of that value.
Question 5: What is the next thing you want to learn?
Lastly, dig deep into their interests. Find out if their work and interests are in conflict with one another. Your employee is going to spend a chunk of time working for your business—you need to ensure that both you and they are able support their interest and your targets.

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