The BizBrolly Five Point Series: Launching the first ever— Open Web Consult

At Bizbrolly blog house, it is always buzzing ideas. Our unique innovation lab is not simply a trade house for technology services, but an interactive tech conservatory, where we ideate and create.
For some time now, we had been toying with the idea of a Web Series that focuses to provide solutions to the masses. Everything pretty much felt like it has been done before—for there is an answer on the internet  for pretty much everything. However after much brainstorming and deductions, we have been successful to muster up a series that transforms service provision.
BizBrolly is launching, the first of its kind— an open web consult (OWC) — through our blog. In the course of the next month, we will address some of those tech questions that at some point might have crossed the mind of any technology service provider. More often than not, these questions turn into challenges that spring at every step of the way—making it difficult to progress. The Open Web Consult is a way for you to de-clutter those obstacles and overcome them with ease.
Ask the right questions to get the right answers.
Featuring under the title, Tech Expert: the Five Point Series, we will talk to you about some of the most commonly sought after questions in the tech industry, answering each one of them direct, to the point—with quite rightly, one goal—being effective—as solution providers. Throughout the week, our interaction with you will revolve around the topic of the week, where we will exchange ideas with you on our blog.
Have a suggestion about the topic we discuss, or think you have a better solution or tact to the problem—all you have to do is drop in a line in our blog comments section. And we promise to keep the conversation going and find you answer that best suits your query.
Join us as we try something a bit— extraordinary! Keep your eyes out for the kick-off of the OWC!

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