The Importance of Challenge at Work

Monday Morning blues aren’t a myth!
It is Monday morning, you’re swarmed with emails and your to-do list from over the long weekend is hitting double digits—and your boss just won’t stop talking about a business idea you think is quite frankly, terrible. Or think about presentation you put in an entire month to prepare just wasn’t enough to convince the board to support your pitch?

Does this seem like a familiar affair?

Challenges at workplace masquerade themselves in different forms at every workplace, for every individual. They are subjective too. More often than not, most working professionals meet with a type of drainer that is driven to overstep their position and unsettle you. Now, it could be a person or a project. The smart ones always find a way to put themselves on the better side of the situation.

While some of challenges hit you hard, in its entirety, they are designed to make you question. It shifts you from the auto-pilot into driving straight on— making you flex your muscles— to learn and grow.
Why I definitely think challenges to be a positive thing in the workplace is because, it happens to be a perfect recipe of innovation. When we undertake our projects here atBizBrolly— we are not looking at how big or small these projects are— we are looking at how we can deliver a product in the best way possible. Sometimes are harder than others. This is where, some of the geniuses in the room, rise up to scratch the curiosity itch that had prolonged its stay— they find an answer to the uncertainty that may have perhaps stalled the rest of us, finding us a much better way to do things.
I leave you with a piece of advice I recently read by Curt Rosengren, “the more you challenge yourself and succeed, the greater your confidence in your ability to do it again next time. Challenge doesn’t just help you grow your skills and knowledge, it helps you grow your belief that you can”.

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