How we use tech to simplify our work lives at BizBrolly

It would be futile to say technology simplifies our lives.

Because tech does more than just that. It is an extension of ourselves. Cabinets in offices have moved to folders on the cloud, telephone conversations have been replaced through emails. And we can go on. The 21st century workplace is designed to suit the functionalities and sensibilities of the modern working professional. However, do you really know how to best suit it to your usability?

We went around our office this last week and asked people to share their favourite tech hack, they use on a regular work day. The answers we received are surely going to easy up your day!

1. There is an app for everything!


We picked this one as the top tip because it pretty much summarised most suggestions that we accumulated. Right from to-dos and project management tools to emails and calendars, our daily life is much better organised when all updates and reminders, fit into a devise that is almost the size of your palm.
(Hint: Your smartphone!)
Better organisation definitely leads to a better day at work.

2. Crop the paperwork out
Someone at work sneaky suggested that, you are only a quick scan and an upload away to save yourself from a desk full of files. Access it anywhere you want, just at the click of a few buttons.
(Guys, this is perhaps a hint— keep your desks clean! )

3. Cut out the cords
Tech developments have enabled us to untangle ourselves from the wired life. Get rid of the  LAN cables. Wireless technology has enables mobile hotspots and wifi connections to control  everything around you.
The Internet of Things is arriving soon! Don’t be left out!

4. Don’t overcrowd


‘People tend to get frenzy when there is a new piece of technology that enters  the market’, said a colleague at BizBrolly. Which is quite true, in essence. There  is a thing called Gadget overcrowding. Steer clear.
Identify the purpose of each device you invest in, and use it to its best capacity.

5. Be in Sync
As projects get bigger, team grow much faster. With the use of multiple systems, software and data among different people, there is a greater need identified for members to be on the same page when working on a project. Connect all your devices to a common account, and with the people in your team.
It is a guaranteed trick for better results.

Do you have any tips that would make work life easy? Do share them with us. We’d love to hear.

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