We Are BizBrolly
Doing Business The Digital Way

We believe in coming up with ideas and turning them into
digital work that is both innovative and measurable.

  • We Are BizBrolly
    Who We Are

    We Are BizBrolly
    Who We Are

    BizBrolly, founded in 2014, is an innovation agency focused on awesome internet business and products.

    Located in Delhi-NCR, India, BizBrolly was started with just one thought - It's never late to dream a new dream!

    After spending 10+ years in corporate job, We found ourselves questioning - Are we doing what we want to be doing? Are we taking the steps to get there?

    We answered it by starting BizBrolly - an umbrella lab for various entrepreneurial experiments.

    The name ‘BizBrolly’ was coined by morphing the term ‘An Umbrella(Brolly) Business’ into ‘Brolly Business’, then ‘BusinessBrolly’. Finally, we loved the name ‘BizBrolly’

  • We Love Crafting
    Business The Digital Way

    We Love Crafting
    Business The Digital Way

    BizBrolly is a technology driven studio doing internet enabled businesses.

    While we're still figuring out what else we can do, we have started doing few internet businesses and converting few cherry-picked ideas into real products.

    With an aim to serve growing internet market and consumerism, we are working towards converting few creative business ideas into reality.

    We use technology to improve the customer experience, generate new business and compliment the offline model.

  • We Build Solution
    Make you curious

    We Build The Solution
    Make you curious

    While we love our internet business, we are technologists at heart and by training. We love building the platforms, products and services that enable businesses to flourish.

    We extend our services from ideation to commercialisation. We strive to create and commercialize innovative SaaS and enterprise solutions by exercising innovative software engineering discipline.

    We also offer dedicated cost effective outsourcing technology partnership model.

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