How Much Does a Podcast Application Development Costs?

Podcasts are a highly engaging form of media that offer a wealth of useful information, entertaining shows, and lively conversations. Unlike blog posts, which require readers to dedicate time and attention to reading or watching, podcasts can be enjoyed with minimal effort from the listener.

The demand for podcast apps among users is currently very high, as they provide a new platform for listening to a variety of premium audio content, including stories, novels, interviews, and more. These apps are continually evolving to offer listeners diverse and engaging content. The growing demand for podcast applications is driving startups and businesses to develop their own apps with innovative features that enhance the listener’s experience and create a compelling platform for listening.

The rapid growth of the podcast industry has led many businesses to develop their own mobile podcast apps in order to take advantage of the trend. Numerous podcast startups are now creating unique and innovative features to enhance the listening experience for their audience. If you’re thinking about creating your own podcast app, this article provides an overview of the market, key players, different types of podcast apps, essential features, advanced features, monetization strategies, and the crucial factor of development costs.


Market Overview of Podcast Applications

The popularity of podcast apps has surged during the pandemic and has gained millions of followers worldwide. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, as the podcast industry is projected to be worth $94.88 billion by 2022. As of 2022, there are 424.2 million podcast listeners globally, which represents approximately 20.3% of internet users.

The popularity of podcasts is increasing rapidly, particularly among the younger demographic aged between 18 to 34 years. This demonstrates the significant impact of podcasts, which is being recognized and embraced worldwide.

The reason for the high revenue can be attributed to the consistent growth in the number of podcast listeners. This has resulted in a rise in the demand for information on the cost of developing a mobile app for podcasts.

Types of Podcast Apps to Invest in

Have you considered the kind of podcast application you want to create? The podcast market offers a vast array of opportunities for generating audio content. Here are some podcast app types to consider for your investment:


Nowadays, podcast storytelling has gained popularity, particularly among journalists and media personalities who aim to provide in-depth and genuine insights on various topics and events. These narratives can be either fictional or non-fictional, and typically include audio recordings of interviews with relevant individuals.


The concept of a hybrid podcast mobile application entails the participation of numerous speakers, guests, and a select few hosts who oversee various podcasting sessions. Hybrid podcasts serve a variety of purposes, such as conducting panel discussions, interviews, or providing individual contributions. Typically, these podcasts begin with the host delivering commentary, sarcasm, or a monologue directed towards the guest.

Interviews or Panel Discussions

A mobile app dedicated to hosting interview or panel discussion podcasts is designed to facilitate in-depth conversations between one or more guests. These podcasts provide a platform for a diverse range of perspectives and are commonly used for political discussions.

Repurposed Content

Developing a podcast app that includes popular features such as seminars, interviews, workshops, and other repurposed content requires the expertise of experienced app developers in the field. Building a team of such developers is crucial to creating an exceptional listening experience for users.


How Much Does Podcast App Development Cost?

The cost of developing a podcast app can vary depending on various factors, which we will explore in detail.

  • Features

The development cost of a podcast app is primarily determined by its included features, with more advanced functionalities resulting in higher costs. For instance, the ability to record or live stream podcasts is a feature that can significantly increase development costs. During the initial stages of development, it is recommended to focus on integrating essential features that are necessary for the app to function properly, such as those included in the minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Technology Stack

The cost of developing an app is also influenced by the technology stack selected. While the specific tech stack used may vary based on the app concept, developing custom APIs and SDKs can be more expensive than using pre-existing third-party integrations.

  • Podcast App Design

Designing an app for podcasts can be challenging for developers, as the success of such an app often depends on offering a large number of podcasts. However, it is important to aim for a minimalist design to avoid clutter. Achieving a well-organized and efficient design that showcases multiple podcasts requires a high level of expertise, which can be costly.

  • Technology Integration

Technology integration is another significant factor that can influence the cost of developing a podcast app. While we recommend incorporating AI into the app, the addition of other advanced technologies such as IoT or Blockchain can increase the overall cost even further.

  • Location of the Agency

The geographical location of an agency is typically the last consideration when assessing the cost of app development. Generally, as one moves from East to West, the cost of app development tends to increase. The average hourly rate for app development in the United States falls within the range of $100 to $120, whereas in India, it is typically in the range of $60 to $80. This significant cost difference is one of the primary drivers for the demand for remote developers.


Podcast Apps monetization models

If you want to earn money through your podcast, there are several ways to monetize it. By investing in different strategies, you can generate additional revenue. Below are some business models that you can consider to make money from your podcast.

1. In-app advertising

One of the most effective methods for businesses to generate revenue from their mobile applications is by incorporating in-app advertising. By displaying branded videos or images on various sections of the app, such as podcast screens or in-between chapters of an audiobook, there is an opportunity to earn a significant amount of income.

2. Subscription

While there are many free podcast applications available, offering a monthly subscription could be a lucrative way to generate income for your podcast. However, it is important to consider whether your content is unique and valuable enough to warrant a subscription fee.

3. Premium content

Fully endorse the premium content mode is the optimal choice. This option allows your users to enjoy listening without any ads, grants them access to the most popular podcasts, and offers early access to top podcasters in exchange for monthly or quarterly fees.


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The market for podcast app development is flourishing, presenting opportunities for both startups and established companies. Whether small, medium or large, organizations are investing in podcast app development, as it is a lucrative revenue stream.

For those looking to create a brand in the audio content industry and develop a podcast app similar to Spotify, now is the time to seize the opportunity. However, podcast app development is complex and requires significant resources. BizBrolly provides top-quality mobile app development services for podcast apps, connect with us at

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