How Can You Develop Android TV Applications? 

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There has never been a better time to invest in smart TV app development with the popularity of smart TVs and OTT devices on the rise. There are numerous approaches to taking on such initiatives, depending on your objectives and spending limit. There is a method for any deadline and budget discussed in this post on how to create your own Android TV app.

Which one works best with your new Android app development? Let’s find out.

Build upon your existing Android TV app

Because Android apps can be extended to run on OTT devices, if you already have one, you’re off to a good start with Android TV development. Because Android TV apps follow the same structure as those for phones and tablets, you can create new TV apps using your existing Android development knowledge and resources.

What distinguishes Android TV is user interaction. Both input and viewing distance require special consideration. The D-pad and OK button on the remote is the only controls available to the user. Your original Android layouts need to be redesigned to make sure they are easily understood when read from a distance, e.g., from the comfort of the sofa or bed few meters away.

The user experience of your TV app (or the TV section of your current app) should offer a more straightforward interface for quick navigation from a sofa using a remote control. Every smart TV remote has a D-pad, select, home, and back button, and they range in complexity from very simple to quite sophisticated. From a user experience perspective, this is a significant difference.

This restriction must be taken into consideration while designing the OTT app’s user interface. seeking recommendations on creating a TV app. Visit the Android Developers page for further details on the minimal implementation standards for UI layouts on Android TV.

Utilize an OTT white-label solution.

Using an OTT solution is the most straightforward method to develop an Android TV app that not only looks amazing but also provides all the essential features right out of the box. Using this method, you may design your Android TV app efficiently and affordably.

At Better Software Group, we created The Better, a single-tenant and multi-tenant platform for displaying video content (OTT and IPTV) on smart TVs, mobile devices, websites, and many other platforms. It is a complete solution with premium features including analytics, content monetization, CMS, live and on-demand streaming, video player, and white-label apps for various screens. Essentially, you obtain a custom-branded video streaming website.

The platform can be enhanced with practical features like live broadcasting and payment gateways for in-app purchases.

Without having to modify the application code, The Better enables the creation, design, and introduction of modifications to the appearance of apps across a variety of platforms. As a result, you are spared from having to publish the application again on websites or other platforms.

OTT platforms like The Better provide as a home for your apps and a distribution channel for your content. The development team for the OTT platform handles the entire process from start to finish, including design, programming, and testing, as opposed to spending time building an app from scratch or coding a template. We also assist you in selecting a viable monetization strategy.

An OTT platform that is already built out should make it simple to personalise your app, but there is also a backend with in-depth analytics so you can understand your users better. The user experience and navigational aspects are also taken care of so they will precisely fit on everyone’s TV screens.

Your app must then be submitted to the Google Play store and approved. Along the tiring journey, BizBrolly will be there to help you, no matter How long it takes for the relevant app store to approve your app is difficult to predict. To help better secure consumers, Google will assess the app for specific developer accounts. In rare circumstances, this could lead to review times of up to seven days or longer.

We are BizBrolly- An app development company full of dedication and commitment

If you have a sizable budget and prefer a more specialized solution, it may be worthwhile to consider working with an app development company or developer. An expert agency can create an app from start and personalise it to exactly represent your business. The greatest freedom and customization in terms of user interface, navigational controls, and small UI aspects like text sizes is provided by developing an Android TV app with a skilled development team.


The creation of an Android TV app is a fantastic method for reaching new TV-oriented audiences. But creating apps for smart TVs is definitely not simple. Many crucial design decisions must be taken, and errors must be avoided. But since creating Android TV apps is still a somewhat uncharted arena for many organizations, finding the proper development partner is even more crucial. Businesses can benefit greatly from being first to market, so TV production companies and brands need to embrace this chance to be out in front.

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