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Latest Android App Development Technologies 2020

latest android app development technologies

The contemporary era is full-fledged with cutting-edge and innovative technologies that are pushing the human race into a new world of digitization. Now, the latest android app development technologies 2020 are ready to construct something new which would change lifestyle to the next level of comfort & convenience.

Mobile Apps create a platform for collaboration, communication and making profitable deals. These apps offer significant results in increasing the business by impacting sales and engaging more customers. Therefore it’s necessary to make a featuring app having all the required features. And for this, there should be a competent team of professionals including the android app developers, mobile app UI designers, and Software testers (Mobile App Testers).

If we put a cursory glance on the smartphone users across the world, we find a great number – that is 3.5 billion. Therefore, each and every new technology can be influential to make the best deal. Let’s go through the mobile app development trends in 2020.

Android App Development

Before moving ahead we must understand what exactly technologies are involved for android app development.  In general, there are basically two types of apps – one is native and another is hybrid. Where native apps are known for single platform working, either it’s for google’s android or apple’s iOS. They are advantageous because of their optimized experience, quick and intuitive operation. On the other hand, hybrid apps can work on cross platforms.

Technologies for Android Development

An android app developer must be familiar with the following set of technologies for android development, including – Swift, C++, Java, Kotlin, etc.  After the successful learning of these technologies, you can prepare yourself for the next stage.

Artificial intelligence  & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is an emerging and the fastest growing technology which resembles working like the human mind and has the potential to perform tasks like human intelligence. It mainly works on decision making having enough capacity to handle a large amount of data. Artificial intelligence is being adopted by the many big giants to work out with complex problems. And to get the desired results. The scope of Artificial Intelligence will increase to 70% by 2022. 

Machine learning is a subset or part of Artificial Intelligence. In this, the computer system is used for performing certain tasks, without teaching or guidance.

A mobile app developer must be familiar with the technology. There are the following features that can add value to mobile app development. They can recognize the text,  landmark recognition, face recognition, barcode scanning, image labeling. If you’re willing to learn artificial intelligence or machine learning then you must go through the in-depth analysis of the mobile app development technology which includes programming languages such as  C++, Java, AIML, Javascript, prolog, Haskell, Julia, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the advancement of technology, the internet of things has emerged as the turning point. The internet of things is changing the way of living to a great extent, whereby the use of smartphones we can control the electronic devices such as AC, fridge, fan, security system, etc.  

Many international companies are using this technology to create a hassle-free ambiance in healthcare medicine, smart home automation, and building automation systems.  These devices are used for controlling the electrical, mechanical and electronic devices by the use of mobile devices and respective apps.

There are certain prominent features associated with IoT including safety, energy, connectivity, and sensing. IoT Apps will be the next-generation application which will provide you exquisite relaxation in every sphere of your life. IoT App developers must learn trending technologies for android development.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

In recent years cloud computing has increased at a fast pace and is still progressive. Therefore IT software development companies are paying attention to create cloud-based applications. This technology is advantageous to decrease the load to access the data for various computing devices.

The good thing about cloud computing is that it possesses enhanced security, more space for data storage, and management and greater flexibility. The best examples of cloud computing apps are dropbox, google drive, and so on. 

Android Jetpack

In order to develop fast-running android apps, Android jetpack is panacea having essential tools, components and guidance to build the best. Android jetpack will be one of the most sought-after technologies in 2020 providing essential support libraries, architecture, and structure.

This will help a lot to the android app developers to create beautiful & featured-rich android apps.  Google will pack all these into the four categories architecture, foundation, UI, and behavior. The android jetpack has 5 outstanding features that make it stand out from others in making android apps. The features include – Navigation, architecture component, live data, view model and slice.


It’s a programming language that is basically run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and is chiefly supported by the Android studio 3.0 or higher version. Java files can be converted to kotlin. In-context of other features – immutability and nullability are provided. By the use of kotlin it’s quite easy to make safer and ideal mobile apps having the highest quality and performance. The kotlin uses the existing features of IDE, and is very effective in debugging and QA. Furthermore, it can save time and money.


We’re recognized as the leading mobile app development company in Noida, Delhi/ NCR region, and front-runner in creating business mobile apps for both android and iOS platforms. We strive to acclimate with rapidly changing technologies. Since our inception, we’re providing an excellent range of services in IoT App Development, Mobile App Development, Web App Design and Development.  

In this article, you’ve gone through technologies for android development. Which will give direction to learn more important languages and tools to develop sophisticated android apps. 

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