7 Tips To Ace Your Social Media Game

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We are surrounded by the glitz of social media and its shine enables solutions to all the modern-day problems. From recreation to shopping, from networking to publicity, social media is an antidote. People resist shifting their businesses online because they are unaware of the advantages and power of various social media platforms. These platforms are pedestals where businesses can address their fable, proclaim their intention and definition henceforth increases sales by attracting the right audience in the ‘right way’.

But it takes decades to decode the ‘right way’ without proper assistance. With over 3 billion people on social media, Social media marketing is one of the most crucial channels for businesses to get quality traffic, customer engagement, and eventually driving sales. Given below are some small ways in which new businesses can bloom to their full potential.


Ask for Your Audience’s Opinions

All the hard work and showbiz on social media are done to attract the target audience. The ultimate goal is to make the respective product, a necessity of the customer’s life. If the whole process is centered on the audience then certainly their opinion should be highly regarded. Give your audience something so that they can share their perspectives. Create a channel where they can disseminate their thoughts and values on. This will help you to know what the audience wants.

Implement that Feedback

Once you are all geared with the reviews and feedback don’t take time to implement them. People like quick response and action and delaying might result in losing customer trust.  Listening to customers is very crucial in every stage of business development. Creating a spreadsheet is a very easy way to handle the feedback and its implementation. Immediate solving of issues in a professional way is mandatory. Grievances should be checked upon regularly for consistent feedback and support.


Show Your Customers Appreciation

Customer appreciation is very precious and is very important to flaunt. It attracts new customers and instills a sense of trust in the approaching customer. Letting your customers know they are appreciated can help keep them happy, as well as give you an edge over your competitors. Showing your gratitude to your social media audience should be a regular activity of your marketing strategy. Connecting with customers is like the salt of running the business properly.

Don’t Make It All Business

Social media is used to recite the story and create a customer base. It does have to be business-oriented and tech-savvy all the time. You need to serve what the audience wants. Rectifying the general problems and then providing solutions to them builds a base of the castle of trust and engagement. Don’t be just available when the business is booming. Being active on a regular time scale is important. A social media calendar can be made and followed for better managed and balanced content.

Keep it original and customized

As much as all the digital innovations have made it easier to speak, it’s the emotion that we miss out on. By the term ‘humanize your brand’ we mean, transcend the glass tops of those digital screens. Show your audience what goes in your office, introduce them to your employees, and show the humans behind your brand. Remember that brand stories aren’t ads and sales pitches; they assist the audience to hook up with your brand. Your stories tell them what you represent; they display your culture also as your values. For instance, share your plans for Friday, share the fun team-building activities you’ve got, let employees take over the social media for once, and hook up with the audience.


Don’t overcrowd your graphics with text

Graphics are a great way to attract and keep a hold of customers. People tend to trust and attract more to graphics more than text and that is why filling text with graphics with text is a big no-no. Using illustrations, lines, and clip arts to explain your motive for the post. Adverts with graphics have a 20% more chance of engagement than text-heavy posts. Keep it simple and balanced!

Social media is not a burden, Have fun!

Social media is the place to tell people your story and stories are incomplete without emotion. People like a personal touch, not the graphically magnanimous posts which are lacking the ability to emote, anything which they relate and connect to. It’s a platform you require to tell why your product is a necessity in the life of the audience, Use it wisely.


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