5 Ways AR Technology is Booming in Business World

5 Ways AR Technology is Booming in Business World

Smart technologies are shaping the future. Today, People invariably have been talking about cutting-edge technologies like augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. According to a recent survey, it was revealed that Augmented Reality would be a $50 billion industry by 2024. Where it will bring changes in businesses. Now, in this section, our prime objective is to explore AR technology benefits & how it’s booming businesses.

It’s also possible that you may ask – how augmented reality technology can be useful in business? So, for this, you must know that there are different ways of using this technology, including – 3D modelling for different aims. It’s often used in the design process. Today, many Big giants are using AR technology for training, repairing, education, maintenance, design, modelling, and field services. A cluster of mobile app development companies are engaged in building powerful AR mobile apps & web apps. 

Growing needs of businesses can be filled only by the use of technology. So, we can’t deny the importance of technology like AR & VR. Both are working as transformative. Let’s have a quick overview of AR benefits for your business.

  • Better Customer Experiences
  • Next-Levels of Interactive Experiences
  • Advancement in Automobiles
  • Workforce Training Without Risk
  • Takes the Store to the Customer

Difference Between Augmented Reality Technology & Virtual Reality

A few of us might be confused with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. Basically, in AR, real and virtual worlds come into the picture, where virtual objects are inserted into the real world to boost the experience. 

On the other hand, virtual Reality is completely different. In VR, users interact by using devices that play a significant role by isolating them from the real world. VR headsets are made for creating powerful and compelling Reality. Augmented Reality Developers are working hard to deliver world-class applications to boost experience & increasing its impact in the business world. 

Advancement in hardware and software have reduced the cost of development. In addition, it has improved the users and developers experience to the next level. In short, AR technology is booming businesses & will be bigger than Virtual Reality. Today augmented reality companies in India are doing a great job by launching AR mobile apps in games, online shopping, education, healthcare, and other verticals.

Top augmented reality companies in India offering you AR apps or Web App services to enhance augmented reality experience. AR app developers strive to make robust applications in both iOS and Android versions.

AR App Features

An AR App has three basic features including:-

  •  A mix of real and virtual worlds
  •  real-time interaction
  • 3D registration of real and virtual objects.

AR technology is offering endless possibilities in different industry verticals.

AR Technology Benefits in Businesses (Industry Sectors)

AR Technology Benefits in Businesses

It’s voracious that AR technology is booming businesses & impacting them. Now let’s see a quick glimpse of the same.

A mix of AR & AI in the Healthcare Sector

Artificial intelligence has been leaving a good impression these days. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is one of the growing technologies that has proven its significance in different domains. It’s widely used in healthcare services. Where it’s helpful in vein and surgical visualization. Today, Artificial intelligence is growing with the fast-pace, and a perfect blend of AR & AI will take it to the next level. Snapchat is a perfect example of AI and AR.

Augmented Reality in Education

These days, with the advancement of technology, the learning system has shifted to the next level. Where learners, students, teachers and parents are taking advantage of online learning. Mobile app development companies are building powerful mobile apps for education. But in the context of AR, augmented Reality. The education system will take a turn in a positive direction. 

It will be too much effective in improving the learning as the students would be able to learn more quickly. Augmented Reality will be able to improve the engagement and interaction. Learners will adopt problem-solving skills, collaboration. It will bring significant positive changes & prepare next-gen students.

Augmented Reality in the Automobile Industry

If we talk about the AR technology benefits in the vehicle world, It would not be wrong to say, the AI & AR will change the Automobile industry to a greater degree. With the advancement of AR, the automobile industry is now capable to optimize the prototyping and to assemble processes of vehicles. It’s also helpful in the refrain of vehicle swiftly and accurately.

Augmented Reality has been extensively serving car manufacturers and drivers. An Augmented Reality Application development company can help you a lot to bring your automobile business to the next level.

Augmented Reality in Entertainment

AR technology benefits are not restricted to above-mentioned industry verticals but also useful for others. This is exploring new opportunities & endless possibilities. In every sphere of entertainment, Augmented Reality is playing a big role. Games, movies, live shows, music, and sports, everywhere AR is leaving its impression. Everyone, kids or adults feel good whenever virtual images appear in the real world. It enhances the immersive effects and makes everything amazing.

Sooner or later, it will touch a new height. In AR games like Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality is appreciated by the gamers. After the success of Pokemon Go, mobile gaming app development companies are looking forward to bringing more entertaining games. In this series, dozens of AR games have already been launched in the market such as Real Strike, Zombie Go, Temple Treasure Hunt etc.

Augmented Reality in Online Shopping

Today, many retailers have been using Augmented reality apps to make online shopping easy. If you are planning to buy the perfect item for yourself, then these apps can help you a lot. A number of AR apps have appeared in the market which are capable of enhancing the user’s experience of online shopping.

Best Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Apps

Best Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Apps

  • Home Depot
  • IKEA
  • Wayfair
  • Sephora
  • Amazon

The above mentioned mobile apps serve different purposes as per the business requirements such as Home Depot allows users to select home items like refrigerators & it shows the 3D images of the selected items, and enable users to put them into any space so that they could experience the look and feel. People are enjoying these apps due to their robust functionality. Likewise, other apps also do things, but according to their purpose.

In the above section, we have gone through – how augmented Reality is working in the business world. Conclusively, we have seen Augmented Reality Technology is pushing businesses towards advancement & is liked by business owners as well as people.

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