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Top Educational Apps for Your Smarts Kids

In a couple of years, education & learning has been transformed swiftly for professionals and students. Meanwhile, the advancement of technology has changed the capabilities to gain new information as soon as possible without any hassle. In this article, we will throw light on the best education mobile apps that are essential for kids as well as for every age group.  

Educational mobile apps have efficacy to build a bridge among parents, teachers, and students. In addition, these applications have achieved success to make students smarter and smarter.

Today, Mobile app development companies are paying attention to create interactive and dynamic mobile applications for everyone, including students and for teachers. These awesome educational apps have the potential to diversify learning and make easy access to the teaching environment. According to a survey, it was revealed that the users of 18-24 years were spending more time on smartphones. On a single platform, they would be able to get assignments, journals, and other sorts of study material. Meanwhile, students would be able to discuss their problems with each other or can put them before their teachers. So, it’s not a surprise for them.

List of Best Educational Mobile Apps – A Quick Intro

Here in this section, we’ll discuss the robust education mobile apps that are popular in the student’s community. These learning apps for kids can be pretty much useful for enhancing their knowledge base & preparing them for facing the upcoming challenges. Institutional-based education is even present, but the focus is to provide the best learning approach through the use of the internet. Let’s have a quick view of the best educational mobile applications which are useful for students, teachers, and parents.


class dojo

It’s one of the best learning apps for kids. ClassDojo falls under the category of virtual classroom apps which facilitates better interaction among parents, teachers and students. They can communicate easily and can discuss all educational needs. Meanwhile, parents will get all updates in regards to their children’s progress. It’s a very robust, safe and simple mobile application, but has lots of features, the teachers and students will have to create their own profile to access the features of this mobile app. One of the interesting features of this mobile app is to monitor the behaviour of the students. It is helpful for regulating the conduct of the students. 

Quick Maths


This mobile app could be the finest choice if you want to make your kid familiar with maths and numbers. It provides general maths skills for the students of grades 2 to 6. Here they can access the features of quicker maths, which will increase the kid’s skill set to the next level. They would be able to deal with the maths difficulties and associated challenges. This will train the brain to calculate faster as well as will be fun for the students as well as for the others. It will keep you sharp, altogether will boost the basic and advanced arithmetic skills. You would be able to share the scorecard with your companions and relatives using social media platforms. You can download this educational mobile app from the app store. It’s one of the best educations mobile apps among the list of mobile apps for education.


science 360

Mobile app development has given so many mobile applications for different domains, but Science360 in the education stream is a benchmark. This mobile app provides lots of features, including exploring 3D images from different angles. Each and every information is of high quality and authenticate. It’s a powerful mobile app that provides the knowledge network and updated science videos from various universities, scientists, engineering centres, and colleges.

YouTube Kids

youtube kids

It’s a wonderful mobile app that can inspire and nurture young minds. This mobile app provides awesome information, along with educational videos and entertainment. Moreover, it’s effective to offer better results and is free to use. Besides all this, it’s very easy to handle. Whenever kids use this mobile app, this influences their brain to a great extent, meaning increasing their imagination and visual capabilities. All videos are family-friendly, and leave a better impression on everyone.

Crossword Puzzles

crossword puzzles

For brain exercise, this application is beneficial for kids. The users can get access to free puzzles, which will definitely offer fun. And it will bring fun among the kids, and helps children to achieve excellence in different areas with a strong brain. It’s one of the most engaging applications. The crossword puzzle is free to download in the android version. Crossword puzzles rank top among the list of the best education mobile apps.

My Molecularium


This education mobile app is enriched with lots of features and has the efficacy to engage more students. It’s perfect for providing entertainment as well as education. It’s created to assist the students in high school so they could learn everything with a fresh mind. The fun games of this mobile app allow students to understand many more things easily. The students can learn the concept of chemistry without any hesitation as this provides the molecular structure and chemical formulae.

Education Apps Development

In today’s technology-oriented environment, it’s easy to create the educational mobile app. Mobile app development companies develop mobile applications in two versions, including – iOS and Android. New technologies can make mobile apps faster and secure and for cross platforms. Swift, C++, JAVA, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Appcelerator, kotlin, MoSync etc. are examples for development perspective.

BizBrolly is a fast-growing mobile app development company in Noida (India). We provide you with one-stop solutions for all your needs. Our team of developers provides you with fast and secure mobile apps for your business requirements. Since our inception, we have created powerful mobile apps and websites for our clients for different domains, including education, healthcare, sports, real estate, etc. 

Our education apps development process follows the best approaches so as to deliver the application on time. We understand the needs of our clients; therefore we use trending tools and technology to build mobile apps and web apps.


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