Why React JS is the best platform for web development 2020?

react js best for web development

Today, the web application development world is changing at a fast pace. Sometimes, it becomes tedious to select an appropriate front-end technology to cater to different business needs. In this section, we will see why ReactJS is the best choice in front-end development.

In this day and age, there are a number of front-end technologies that are playing a significant role in turning designs into reality via code. Lots of technologies are coming into the web & mobile application development field. React JS is gaining popularity swiftly. It derives best-results while making web applications fast, responsive, and user-friendly.  

As React JS is suitable for web applications, React Native is used for building native mobile apps. It’s effective for building extensive mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Like React JS, React Native is also launched by Facebook, and it’s also open-source. Many big companies have shifted their focus towards React Native for iOS and Android platforms. In this list – skype, Facebook, vague, Bloomberg, and Pinterest are foremost. 

Know About React JS

Most of us think that it’s a tool, framework, or language; however, it’s not true. React JS is basically an open-source library that is used to create user-interfaces. React JS is one of the finest platforms for developing web apps. It’s fast, scalable, and simple. Virtual DOM is the backbone of React JS, where it allows you to create in-memory data structure cache memory. 

React JS allows developers to build large web applications where data change over time, without reloading the page. Although there are a few alternatives to ReactJS or can say about Angular or Vue, React is robust. However, it’s time-consuming & tough. 

ReactJS developers can make certain changes in their source code according to the project’s needs. This is very beneficial for the creation of UI components.

React JS is widely used by web application developers as this gives more freedom as compared to Angular JS and Vue.

Uses of React JS

As we have seen, React JS can be used for creating UI for various web apps. Many big giants are using React JS to add value to their applications. It has efficacy for enhancing the performance & functionality of a web application. In addition, it’s quite effective for updating data and interfaces independently. Here it’s also worth noting that you can use ReactDOM for web applications & React Native for Mobile App Development. It’s pretty much advantageous for eLearning modules, job boards, portfolios, blogs, forums, personal websites, galleries, etc.

Advantages of React JS – An Overview

advantages of react js

In the above section, we have discussed a little bit about ReactJS for web application development. Now here in this section, we will go through some of the best parts of React JS that make it a robust open-source library as compared to Angular JS and other front-end technologies.

  • Boost Productivity & Facilitate Maintenance

ReactJS has the potential to reuse the system components, including checkbox, button, etc. React JS developers can manipulate them hassle-freely.

  • Fast Rendering

It’s another big advantage of React JS where it’s impactful for high-load applications. Virtual DOM has solved this overload and poor performance problem to a greater degree.

  • Code Stability

React JS is also known for its downward data flow. If changes occur in the child structure, then there would not be an effect over the parent.

  • SEO Friendly

From the SEO point of view, React JS is unmatched. It’s very helpful in dealing with search engine failure. React JS runs on the server, where it returns the virtual DOM as a regular webpage.

  • Easy to Learn

Many languages, tools & frameworks are not easy to learn and implement. But, React JS is awesome in this category. You can take advantage of the tutorials and docs if you want to learn it quickly. People can use other templates, complex internals, or architecture. For React JS Developers, it’s easy to learn.

  • Developer Toolset

React JS is helpful for increasing web application performance. Outstanding debugging and design tools make it perfect for Developers.

  • ReactJS for Future 

React JS is the most popular one as compared to different development technologies. Each and every – new technology tells us about fresh ideas & terms.

Mobile and Web app developers strive to learn different kinds of programming languages such as JAVA, Kotlin, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. In contrast to others, React JS is easy to learn, and it’s said that you learn once and use it everywhere. Many Big giants are looking towards enhancing their services.

In a survey, it was found that React JS is mostly liked by the developer’s community. They keep it on top priority for building robust products while reusing components. Mobile App Development Companies are looking forward to adopting this for their current & upcoming projects.

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