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How education apps for kids are helping the world prepare for the ‘next normal’?

educationa apps

Digital India has probably become the most overused term during these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, but not without a reason. The humble mobile phone has transformed into a smartphone, with a huge memory and fast RAMs to process and play different types of graphics. Even before the pandemic there were a large number of tier-II and tier-III cities which did not have the relevant resources. With access to information being just a click away, education apps for kids have managed to bring in revolutionary changes. 

Teachers are not necessary

It is not necessary for teachers to be present in virtual classrooms any longer. Most online education apps are now being able to deliver good quality of education at the high school level. Education has undergone sea change due to the following three technologies

  • Mobile
  • Internet
  • Cloud

India is home to the largest number of school-going children in the world, and all of them are technology-savvy. The access to the Internet is gradually making education into a level playing field for children living in all parts of India. Prices of Internet and TVs are going down, which clearly means that the country is moving in the right direction.  

Although the industry has a number of players, the greatest share of capital is owned by three main players in the Indian education space- Byju’s, Vedantu, and Unacademy. Here is a look at different education-based apps, both in India and in the world.

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top educational apps

Top education apps


  • Google Classroom


The purpose of this app is to enable teachers and students to share files, which helps to grade assignments. It is able to integrate excel sheets, powerpoint slides, Gmail, and Google Calendar in order to manage student-teacher communication. Students here are invited to be part of a class through an individual code, or could even be imported from the school domain automatically. Teachers are able to monitor the progress of a student by accessing his or her Drive. All assignments and due dates are automatically synchronized with Google Calendar. Sharing files is definitely the ‘new normal’ here, and this will be better established over the course of the pandemic. 

Download now: ios and android


  • Edmodo


This education collaboration company offers a coaching, communication, and collaboration platform for teachers and K-12 schools through a cloud-based LMS. It provides a suitable medium for the distribution of assignments, quizzes, and also to communicate among students, teachers, and parents. Other than the work done by students, this app is very helpful for parents to keep track of the children’s progress. 

Download now: ios and android


  • Khan Academy


The app by Khan Academy is 100% free and has a large amount of reputable content from different courses. People are very happy with the fact that this app does not show any ads within the content. At the same time, Khan Academy also ensures that the content is user friendly. The app works on the fundamental premise which is often ignored by a large number of educational companies, which is a smooth UI with a pleasing design. Simplicity goes a long way in ensuring success, which is likely to become the ‘new normal’.  

Download now: ios and android


  • Star Walk


Just like the name sounds, this astronomy app, created by Vito technology, enables users to see celestial objects in real time on their smartphones. It also contains astronomical news, tutorials, and quizzes. In its second avatar at present, Star Walk 2 makes use of augmented reality. The app, available on both the Google Play store and the Apple store, works when the phone is pointed towards the sky. Astronomy professionals, amateurs, and students can identify and learn about more than 2 lakh planets, constellations, stars, and satellites using this app. Not only does it give the exact positions of these objects in the sky, but also provides information about comets, asteroids, galaxies, nebulas, and others. Another wonderful feature in one of the best online learning platforms is a time machine feature. It allows individuals to fast forward or rewind time to see night skies of the future and the past.  

Download now: ios and android


  • Udemy


It is one of the most popular mobile apps that offer a plethora of courses on Android and iOS development platforms. The diversity of the courses offered here are enormous, ranging from foreign languages to science and technology. You will find the educational content to be pretty thorough here. All you need to do is search for the topic you wish to learn. After completion of a course, Udemy also provides you with a completion certificate. Professors can increase their incomes as well by adding their lectures here. Some of its features include:

  1. Detailed discussions
  2. Expert instructors
  3. Presence of survey creators
  4. Highly interactive learning

The impact of educational apps such as Unacademy has motivated several EduTech companies to engage mobile app development companies to integrate client platforms with these apps. Before the advent of these apps, no one thought that learning could be so much fun! 

Download now: ios and android


  • Lumosity


Trying to increase memory sharpness? Lumosity is a new Android app which has a number of memory games that helps develop different mental faculties. Mental skills that are sharpened through these games include reaction times, short term memory, spatial intelligence, mathematics, and pattern recognition. All in all, it is an excellent tool for personal development which will be helpful for several years in life.    

Download now: ios and android


  • Byju’s


This fast paced and quick app has been at the forefront of online learning platforms for children in India. You can see the list of all the teachers and their specializations on the app, and even allow you kid to take a free demo class. It is majorly based on NCERT syllabus and helps kids grasp the concepts in simplified form. Byju’s mainly focuses on mathematics and science classes, with students getting to participate in live doubt classes, video lessons, and personalized support classes. They also provide comprehensive study material and test series.  

Download now: ios and android


  • Unacademy


Also one of the highest rated education apps in India, it is more affordable as compared to many players in this market at present. One education app is comprehensive enough for exam preparation, motivation, personality development, GK and current affairs. One needs to pay for some courses. It shows that using videos is one of the most effective methods of learning concepts. Just like a good teacher determines your interest in a class, a good educator can also spark your interest here. Make sure you find out about the educator before deciding to learn from him or her. Preparation for competitive exams such as UPSC and JEE jas become a lot more interesting due to them.  

Download now: ios and android


  • Vedantu


Many of us who were students in the late 90’s and early 2000’s would remember having to hunt extensively for previous years’ question papers from seniors. This is not difficult anymore with Vedantu, which provides easy access to all these papers. Live classes allow students to interact with a teacher, much like a virtual classroom. Much like Unacademy, your learning experience would be heavily dependent on the educator. However, in some of the course packages, it seems to offer a more personalized approach to learning as compared to the others. Billing is done only till both parties are active; if any one of them loses connectivity due to any reason (dead laptop battery, loss of Internet, etc.), it is paused. The major courses available here NEET, JEE, and ICSE/CBSE subjects from classes 6th to 12th.      

Download now: ios and android


  • PhotoMath


Mathematics as a subject has been difficult for many students over the years. Interestingly, this trend holds true for individuals of all ages. PhotoMath makes it simpler to solve maths problems through its app. All you need to do is take a picture of printed or handwritten questions. Once the app scans the same, it will guide you on how to solve those problems using a step-by-step approach. For all those students who get stuck among the problems even after being thorough with the concepts, this app will be a boon.  

Download now: ios and android

features of educational app

The future of learning

Learning has clearly undergone a complete U-turn since the advent of online education apps. For those who really want to learn and grow, it opens up unlimited avenues. Of course, there will be problems due to insufficient bandwidth and lack of preparation, but this will only improve in the future. These days, education apps for kids are also teaching complex concepts such as coding.    

It will certainly help if parents play a role here and keep their children updated with certain life skills as well. For example, as more time is spent online, today’s children may find it uncomfortable to write on paper. Parents must help their children do the same. On the other hand, the screen time that children spend on these apps also should be kept under control, so that eyesight is not compromised over time. Exercises for flexing the fingers are also very important, in order to prevent problems in the joints. 

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