What is Deep Linking

what is deep linking

Deep Linking in reference to the World Wide Web is the hyperlink that links to specific pages, instead of website home page. It’s worth noting that the majority of the web links falls under the categories of deep links. Here the term “deep” is worth noting, on the hierarchy structure of Website’s pages, any page below the home page considered as deep. Technically in the context of HTTP, there is no distinction between deep links and any other links, functionally are equals.

In deep linking, one website links to another website’s pages, except the home page, sometime this could transform into a legal battle as happened in 1997 when Microsoft deep linked to Ticketmaster’s site, the dispute was settled in a licensing agreement. Many commercial sites object such kinds of practices because of their economic interest.

What is App deep linking?

In the year 2004 Google announced that mobile apps in Google Play would be crawled by Google bots as like Webpages. In the context of deep linking, it’s the approach to referring a URL pointing to a particular section of a mobile application, just like a URL that points to the subfolder of a website.

Why deep linking URL’s are important?

In every sphere either marketing campaigns or information convey deep linking URL’s are pretty much important. Quite interested, deep linking is much effective in terms of user experience, growth, and marketing campaigns.

When we run a marketing ad campaign, using deep links it’s fruitful to send the user directly on a product on sale, or any section to lead a higher conversion rate and outstanding user experience. It completely vanishes the hassle of product’s search on the app. If you run an ad campaign on Facebook for a specific product you want to sale, then instead of redirecting to main shop page, it’s much better idea to navigate directly to the product view page.

The referrals programs are the best to understand how deep links helps in growing business or marketing? Now in the age of fierce competition, everyone from small scale to large scale companies preferring referral programs where existing users or members shares URL’s to redirect on a personalized landing page in the application viz. mobile app installed on their phone. This impacts exponentially to increase sign-ups.

Deep links play a vital role in different types of mobile apps, deep links user to the promotional page, shopping cart, doctor appointment, and to trending content or a breaking story.

How does deep linking work?

Every screen of the app is mapped out similar to a website, every webpage has its subsequent screen in the app, and it’s easy for users to transition from web browsing into the installed app. Suppose a user is searching for a product on mobile browsing and has the app installed on his mobile, then just by clicking to link, the user will go to that specific product in the mobile application.

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