Transforming the Workplace

How does the future of modern workplace look like?
Last week, you saw us share with you some really exciting news about our employee feedback. If you haven’t read it yet, find the full review here. This week was more for BizBrolly Solutions to take a closer look at what— what we did wrong, what went right and find ways to better manifest our intentions into actionable goals.
One might complacently assume, technology, to be held as the key to transform a start up’s  work culture, or on the contrary, some may find the constantly changing the ever-evolving nature of the industry daunting. We want to look at what it takes start-ups around the world to function successfully, and then implement different ways to do things differently here at BizBrolly Solutions.
Understanding Values
Unlike, corporations, start-ups have a reputation to give employees— a breath of fresh air. The year 2016 is going to the world for start-ups to reinforce the reason why many employees choose to work with small business along the likes of BizBrolly. Start-ups are built on values and that drives business. With the boundaries of work-life diminishing evasively, employees must be felt a part of a core culture and meaningful work.
Innovation— In and Out
What is great for small businesses and start-ups these days, is that every member who has dived into the venture, takes great ownership of the work they do. The main reason behind this is the technological innovation fuelling your business. People within the company love to take decisions that drive their area of work. It is important therefore that small businesses stay open to the idea of allowing employees to adapt existing software and technologies to create their own ways to work. Now a widely used tool like social media can be extensively used by your employees. It not simply benefits them, but also the company.
New definitions of employee productivity
New forms of working life, have now led ways for employees to work remotely, and some levels of outsourcing, I need be. Small businesses, to achieve higher productivity must allow higher levels of freedom— as long as billable work is getting completed. How they get it done, must remain a backseat worry.
Beyond Roles and Titles
There is a pivotal reason why start- ups seem to have some of the really bizarre and alternative job titles, like Content Ninja for the in-house writer, or Director of First Impressions for the office receptionist. This is because, an employee juggles a lot of different roles within one company—plus they are really cool. Employees also are more fluid and work cross-functionally rather successfully, very often when not sticking closely with their job titles.
What is your take on the successful running of a small business? Share your thoughts! We love listening as always.

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