Top Trends Of Android App in Mobile App Development in 2022

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Android has come a long way, and its story is inspiring, having brought about a revolution in mobile app development services.

Android’s smartphone OS market share has risen to over 85% since its launch in 2008.

Furthermore, shipments are predicted to increase at a CAGR of 2.4 percent over the next five years, with shipments topping 1.41 billion in 2022.

We’ve put up a quick round-up of Android Application Development Trends 2022 to give you a better idea of what will be popular in 2022.

It’s critical to grasp Android app development trends and their ramifications on the Android platform before diving in and riding the waves of change or hiring mobile application developers to design an app.

Before you start a hire, the mobile app development company or Website Development Company in Noida look at various trends about design and development so that you can make a wise decision about the app of your dreams.

Let’s Take A Look At Android Application Development Trends 2022!

Android Instant Apps

Android users can utilize Google Play Instant to try out an app or game without having to install it first.

Instant Apps are as easy to use as a website and run directly from the cloud because they do not require users to download them.

As a result, these apps don’t take up any additional space on your smartphone.

These programs clear off the unneeded apps from your cellphone.

Google recently released several new tools for Android app developers to make it easier to create smaller, faster-downloading apps that let potential customers try out new apps without having to install them.

The Android App Bundle, Android’s new app publishing format, is a step toward providing a Google Play Instant experience.

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a collection of libraries, tools, and resources that help developers create high-quality apps quickly.

These components enable you to follow best practices, eliminate boilerplate code, and simplify difficult activities so you can focus on the system that matters to you.

All previous support libraries, architectures, and structures are combined in Android Jetpack to address major challenges such as app management and backward compatibility.

Google organizes everything into a single pack with four primary categories: architecture, foundation, user interface, and behavior.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Corporate Mobile Management (EMM) are two aspects of enterprise mobile app development that strive to improve the speed of a mobile app.

With the rapid expansion of mobile app development, there are certain expectations about app quality. It not only ensures the security and safety of programs but also provides for rapid data transfer between mobile devices.

Multiplatform Kotlin

Kotlin Multiplatform libraries allow common and platform-specific code to leverage multiplatform logic. Multiplatform programming support is a crucial benefit that reduces the time spent building code for sometimes incompatible and disparate systems while maximizing the flexibility and advantages of native development.

Technology 5G

In comparison to 4G networks, 5G technology offers unimaginable speed and capability. 5G technology, with a data transmission speed of 100 GBPS, embodies data communication for building a high-performance and feature-rich app to increase corporate performance.

Google Assistant/Chatbots

Chatbots will be in high demand in the coming year. After all, chatbots are transforming how businesses communicate with customers and solve problems. Several businesses are adopting Chatbot development, including on-demand services like food delivery, eCommerce, and retail.

Chatbots are also transforming how businesses communicate with clients via mobile phones. Chatbots help mobile app services reply promptly to client queries. Food delivery services, transportation services, and internet shopping are among the requests.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is causing a stir in a variety of businesses. Security, public and private blockchain architecture, and consortium architecture are all expected to evolve. By 2024, the blockchain mobile app development market will have grown to USD 20 billion. The popularity of blockchain and blockchain app development is surging to new heights.

Touchless User Interface

By far the most creative technological discovery and contribution in the field of Mobile App Development is touchless UI. Touch displays and features type both users and app developers, therefore the latter developed touchless UIs. These operate on the basis of voice recognition and gestures, making app use easier.

This breakthrough has also made it easier for the elderly and disabled to use mobile applications. You don’t have to type much; simply say what you want and the program will provide it to you. Touchless UI is solely responsible for this hassle-free experience.

App Development with Little Code

Long, thorough scripts were frequently used in app development, making the process laborious and error-prone. With the advancement of technology, app developers have begun to use low-code app development strategies, which have not only sped up the app development process but also reduced the risk of error.

Low-code app development has also made it easier to edit apps without totally rewriting the parent code. Low-code app development capabilities have therefore increased the app development process’s viability. It has also aided in the creation of user-friendly applications with fewer complexity. As a result, even those with limited technological understanding can use them.

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