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difference between seo vs ppc

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offer a multitude of benefits for every size of the business, whether it’s a small, medium, or large scale business. Both are very efficient & powerful ways for enhancing online presence, branding, promotion as well as for traffic engagement. There is always a point of debate over SEO vs. PPC, and sometimes it becomes hard to select an appropriate one for our business.

In this section, we will elucidate which is better, SEO or PPC, to raise your business. We will have a quick glimpse of the difference between SEO & PPC.

What is Digital Marketing – A Brief Note

We all know the term Digital Marketing, but still, there is a need to acquire add-on knowledge to gain maximum benefits. Many of us don’t know much about it and face challenges while planning our digital marketing strategy. In a general sense, it’s a digital way of promoting products & services on different online platforms.

digital marketing benefits

If you own a business or have started a new business, then you would like to attract maximum customers at minimum effort. However, it’s not a piece of cake for new businesses; however, “Digital Marketing” has made it easy. It’s robust for every domain, whether it’s eCommerce, retail, healthcare, food delivery services, or anything else. After the emergence of digital marketing, the way of branding, promotion, and advertising has been changed dramatically. Now, It has become easy to grow business & customer base swiftly. It provides lots of opportunities for startups to enhance their business. In addition, it has efficacy for increasing the conversion rate, engaging more traffic, and for branding. Businesses will get better cost-per-lead & maximum ROI. Let’s have a quick glimpse of Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Excellent for targeting desired customers
  • Measurable
  • Helpful to make changes as you go
  • Best for increasing the conversion rate
  • Cost-effective
  • Ability to reach on the global marketplace

Difference Between SEO vs. PPC

It can be a little bit confusing what you should opt for your business, whether “SEO or PPC.” New businesses need more time for SEO if they want quick results. Therefore, It’s good to go with paid search or PPC. However, all this will depend upon different things, such as objectives and market conditions. In the context of PPC vs. SEO, there are two differences between SEO and PPC. In pay per clicks, the paid ads appear on the top of the page in the search engine ranking page. The PPC advertising costs for each click, but SEO is Fee.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- A Brief Note

Search engine optimization has its own merits according to different perspectives.

Benefits of SEO

Branding & Awareness

SEO is quite beneficial for increasing brand value. It’s best to enhance visibility in search engines. It can drive better results in terms of similar keywords & can provide positive branding benefits.


It’s one of the biggest advantages of SEO. If your website ranks in a good position, then people would prefer your website and will go with it. If you have done SEO better, then it will help in improving your credibility & users will like to click your website instead of clicking the advertisement.

Website Traffic

SEO is best for increasing organic traffic, and it provides higher chances of conversions and can increase revenue. It will further help you to earn more profit.

Cost per Click

It’s free; you don’t need to set a budget. However, you need to work hard on other approaches to enhancing your website traffic. It’s the biggest difference between PPC vs. SEO.

Return on Investment (ROI

It’s known for its better Return on Investment.


It doesn’t drop immediately from the organic search results and sustains for a longer period of time.

Firm Establishment

It’s not easy to get the best rank on the google search ranking page, but once you have achieved that same, then it would not be easy for your competitors to stay ahead. Your competitors will have to rely on paid search, but you don’t need it.

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Advantages of PPC – A Quick Glimpse

Now let’s see the other side of the coin, where we will know why we should prefer the PPC over SEO. Pay-per-click is another wonderful advertising method where it’s good for driving more traffic to your website. The customers can get the intended results if they set a higher budget. 

Benefits of ppc

If we see the difference between SEO & PPC, we find that PPC is very beneficial for achieving quick results as compared to SEO strategy. PPC is quite advantageous to bring the right customers at the right time. It works better for all types of businesses, such as for small, medium, and large scale businesses. This will further allow capturing more customers. Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook advertising platforms allow customers for PPC advertisements. Now let’s see when we should use the PPC advertisement so that it could lead to more benefits for your business. 

Quick Results

PPC advertisements are quite beneficial if you want quick results. It’s very fast and can increase your website traffic just after the PPC campaign is approved. It’s suitable for product launch, analogous business campaign, and for event focused marketing.

Target Audience

PPC allows you to select your target audience based on education level, age group, marital status, income, location, etc. The filtering of the audience helps in magnetizing the most valuable customers as per your business perspective.

Offers / Events

Suppose there is a festive offer for a limited period of time, such as for 24 hrs, or 2 days then it would be better to select a PPC ad campaign as an option. Events that have expiry dates are considered for the PPC ad campaign, as it will deliver the best results.

Website Not According to SEO

If your website is not compatible as per the SEO perspective, then it’s good to opt for the PPC advertisement.

Results Based on Your Keywords

Based on the keywords PPC ads display on the top of the organic search results. These appear above the SEO organic search results. Business must not lose the chance of engaging more customers, as users have a tendency to click the results which appear first.

Visual Product Ads

Google also provides you one better option of visual advertisement/shopping ads. Which you cannot avail in the SEO market. It’s further very beneficial for attracting more customers.

In the above section, we have discussed the difference between SEO & PPC. Now we will see how we can help you to boost the traffic of your website.

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