Trip to Rishikesh: A Voyage Saga of Joy, Peace & Team Spirit!!

rishikesh trip

Wowww…!!! This was the first expression of all BizBrollians when team leader announced that we are going for a trip to “Rishikesh”. Amidst a tiring day, a sudden trip announcement was really a surprise for everyone, which totally charged us with a new form of energy. We stocked with inner excitement, zeal, and enthusiasm to enjoy every moment of our lives.

As the Rishikesh is the most peaceful place in northern Uttarakhand, surrounded by hills and bisected by the vast and sluggish Ganges. It stands out in performing river rafting, bungee jumping, and other sports adventures. After planning 3 nights and 2 days trip, BizBrollian were ready for embracing thrilling experiences and memorable celebrations.

(In Friday evening we left for Rishikesh)

While traveling music is necessary to spark you, even a mundane journey becomes exciting. We were relaxed with high spirits, and sparkling night to go on.

“Rocking performances” by BizBrolly team members amplified the travel’s enjoyment and offered a great opportunity to reluctant colleagues. “Swapping team members” was a fantastic idea to come out from our comfort zone. In mid, whenever we feel a drop in energy level, there were fabulous options available to enhance it.

In the morning musical journey ended, and we reached to Camp Wild Leopard at Mohanchatti Rishikesh. Being a riverside jungle camp far from the highway and away from everyone else, a pleasant sound of the River Ganges echoes in the valley and camping around such incredible natural surroundings was a lifetime experience in itself.  


When we reached the camp we enjoyed a traditional welcome drink, and breakfast but all of us were not in the mindset of rest. Rippling sound of the river Ganges along with pleasant sunshine was alluring us to get engaged with nature. Perhaps it was the Call of “Mother Ganga”, that’s why BizBrollians could not stop themselves and rushed towards river Ganges. Their childish activities have begun as to dipping, running, jumping and swimming into the water and throwing of water over each other, also few have set themselves in funny postures like crocodile and Turtle. The cooling effect of River Ganges was compensated by pleasant sun lights, and it was mesmerizing to everyone. In addition to all this few were busy in capturing this memorable event along with breathtaking views of nature, sitting in Surya Namaskar Position amidst River Ganges was an awesome experience. Actually, nobody was willing to come out of the water, but time and tide never wait for anyone. It was the time for the next adventurous moment, which was thrilling and exciting that we never faced before.

After lunch, we moved to Shivpuri for accepting our next challenge as “River Rafting” and “cliff jumping”. We prepared ourselves for it, and on reaching the bank of River Ganges, rafting instructor guided us about rafting challenges and do and don’ts. It was going to be a thrilling experience for everyone, we were very excited but nervous also. Rapids and river stones might be a big challenge for us, as they could lead to any danger or mishappening.


We listened to every instruction carefully and decided to follow commands. In four boats we were 31 members who were willing to compete like Kerala’s Aranmula Boat Race. All four rafts were provided in three color variants, i.e. Red, Blue, and Yellow. As we boarded on Boats, rafting instructor allowed us to oar but as a newbie, we were created for mistakes, as we drifted the boat in the wrong direction and also the inappropriate use of oar, and all this made him furious. He told us about the difficulties and risks involved in rapids, also aware us about speed and strokes.

We took everything seriously, and within a short span of time, we managed it. Experience with rapids was truly fantastic and awful when high-speed waves hit our boats we thrilled and closed our eyes while forcefully drifting the boats. To divert fear hooting was our panacea, in this adventure we talked a lot by cracking jokes over each other’s blunder. In this, few of our team members wished to go in the deep water, and they did so. When we crossed 6 rapids, cliff jumping was waiting for us.

Cliff-jumping site was located in the lower part of the Brahmapuri Stretch just 2 km before Laxman Jhula, and to test your physical and mental abilities, cliff jumping in Rishikesh stands out. 25 feet height was just enough to thrill us, and trying to avoid this act but one thought like “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” propelled us to perform. End of the Day, we proved that BizBrollian’s enthusiasm never dies.


Evenings at the campsite are romantic, fun-filled and exciting. The starlit sky, silhouette of the mountains and rippling sound of the river, this was a great way to explore the outdoors. A musical gathering around the bonfire was arranged while telling about the personality traits of colleagues was a hilarious moment for us.

In this trip, BizBrolly Girls showed amazing confidence and zeal. They participated aggressively in every form of adventure and activity from river rafting to cliff jumping and dancing to singing.

Next Day, we played outdoor games like cricket, badminton, and volleyball and in the afternoon we left the camp for enjoying a bath in the waterfall. To reach there we need to climb many steps, and it was a good experience for every one of us.

BizBrolly Team Members showed positive spirit and energy to make it a successful adventurous trip.

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