New WhatsApp Update and Sneaky Ventures

To check, or uncheck is the question. No, it’s more than that.
So, on August 25th 2016, all users of the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp underwent an update they did not sign up for. The company that once gloated on the keeping user information sealed under wrapped covers away from marketing gimmicks, is now giving its users, a mere 30-day notice to keep their information secure.
Opting Out from Tech: WhatsApp and Facebook Sneaky Ventures
Yes, if you are among those users who are still unaware of this WhatsApp update, it’s time to uncheck the box that has been sneakily hidden away in the settings section of the app. This data sharing policy that has now been rolled out is with Facebook, its parent company. The company claims that the data sharing option is being brought in to enhance user experience on Facebook.
This underhand measure is surely going to irk users. In a world where there are growing concerns revolving data protection and cybersecurity, powerful tech companies such as these must be taking better stand to protect its users’ information.
What also rises as a bigger concern is that, these corporations disguise their means by undervaluing their attempt. A push button during update with confused wording is all an effort for data collection. There need to be efficient frameworks in place to ensure personal information on any level is not being compromised. In an increasing virtual world, there is arising need for the companies who act as gatekeepers, practicing data policing.
There is however still no full clarity on how exactly Facebook and WhatsApp plan to use user data, there is a vague outline presented on using it for directing ads on Facebook, and then eventually onto WhatsApp. So, while there is still time for you to uncheck that box to protect the little bit of personal information you can, make an informed choice.
Tell us what decision you made! We’d love to hear.

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