What is Mobile App Development

We are living in a time where there is an app for almost everything. With the increasing consumption and availability of Smart Phones to the masses, mobile apps are gaining popularity at a rapid speed. Mobile application development is a process or an act by which a mobile app is developed for mobile phones. For best mobile app development there are several Mobile App Development Companies in Noida.

Here is an insight on the Mobile application development Process.

Mobile application development basically revolves around the following process:
Planning: Planning and Requirement gathering is being done in the initial phase. Both client and development team sits together and discuss the project requirements in this phase.
Design: After the documentation of the requirements designing team create a user interface ( UI ) for the project. User interface serves as a prototype and with the help of UI Both clients and developers get a common understanding of what they are going to develop.
Development: It is the phase where the actual product is being created. Developers write the code to achieve the desired requirements.
Testing: Once the development is over, the product goes into the hands of the quality analyst team which analyze the product and match it with the client requirement. The difference or the gap is being found by the QA team which is fixed by developers.
Delivery: Once the product is being reviewed by QA the project is being delivered to the client.
Maintenance: It is after delivery support that is provided by the development team to clients to help them settle with their project.

What does a Mobile Application Developer do?

The person who is actually writing the code for any mobile app could be termed as a mobile app developer. There are many Mobile App Development Companies in Noida who have best developers in this profile.

What is the meaning of Mobile Application?

A Mobile application, commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application or software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. It is also known a web app, online app, iPhone app or smartphone app. The aim of mobile apps is to provide services similar to those accessed by PC to users on their smartphones.

What language is used to write apps?

There are various languages available for mobile app development, each having its own pro and cons. With Technology undergoing a major change it might be very hard to decide which language to choose to develop your app.
The choice depends on the requirement and other factors ( such as resource availability, cost, project size, and platform).
If you are developing your app separately for different platforms which are termed as Native app development then you need to choose a different language for different platform. Objective C and swift are popular for iPhone app development while Java, Kotlin is popular for Android app development.
Another popular way to develop mobile applications is to adopt cross-platform app development approach. This method allows us to write code once which works on different platforms thus saving time and efforts. Most popular platforms to develop an app with this approach is React native and flutter or you can contact Mobile App Development Companies.

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