Mobile Ads versus Mobile Apps: What matters more?

With the much hoopla around the brand new debate topic rustling through every company, it certainly is impending for us to address the argument for you—Mobile ads versus Mobile apps—what matter more for businesses?

This argument leads one to ponder on another important point—what is the type of mobile content the presents a better mobile content, advertising and marketing opportunities.
In a recent development that took place in August earlier this year, coffee giant, Starbucks identifies mobile as a key component in a larger digital strategy. It is quite possibly an important notion to identify with. If not completely, moving the focus of business to mobile presence has now become imperative. Businesses today, need to understand the role mobile interaction with audience and the underlying effects it bears.

Let us first understand here, what is it exactly that makes mobile so important?

It is one of the many ways that people experience the world today. They get their news, the way they communicate with people they care about, they shop, and they pay bills among many other things. Developing your business’ presence on mobile is the first step to delivering great customer experience.

Once the bridge of understanding what makes mobile so important is crossed, understanding your business strategy is imminent. It boils down to two crucial things— Apps and Advertising. Which one are you going to pick? Or is it going to be both. It is an important decision you make for your business, especially as a start-up.

Ads—First awareness and then action
Mobile advertising is certainly the way to go when it comes to your budget for mobile. Moreover, if you intend to focus on purchase intent and likelihood to recommend, it certainly is mobile. It is also been shown to nearly double scores for favourability and almost triple aided awareness. However, mobile ads will bear limitations in the kind of information that they are able to gather—information like email addresses and names. With the limitations in screen size and usage, gathering personal information is likely to remain limited. However, mobile ad developers remain dedicated to making that an easier and fluid process.

Apps— Create valuable customer experience
While Mobile ads may be growing persistently, there are many companies that are looking into mobile investment on digital technology rather than digital advertising. Digital apps have the capacity to drive sales in companies because they mean shorter lines and faster service. Ecommerce is one thing mobile apps are great at – but it’s not the only thing. Mobile apps are engaging and fun as well as useful, and those qualities help build not only sales but also loyal customers.
The best use of a mobile app is as a loyalty program. Interacting with mobile apps also makes it easy for customers who wish to do so to share other types of information with you from their devices, ranging from basic contact items like name and email, to historical data about your interactions with them, to social media account information. Mobile apps are not to be underestimated.

So, what is it to be?

Although the focus of your mobile budget depends on your specific business goals, it is advisable that for most start-ups and small businesses, a combination of both may be a reasonable choice. It is very important that you identify, meet and strategically plan your decisions. Either way, mobile ads and mobile apps, are here to stay.

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