KOTLIN V/S FLUTTER: Who is The Real Hero?

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Everything begins on December 4, 2018, when Flutter shows up to overwhelm the industry. Prior to the appearance of Flutter, with regards to creating cross-platform apps, the mobile app development company recommends either Kotlin or React Native app development. Flutter has gotten progressive changes creating half-breed or cross-platform apps and began acquiring popularity across the designer’s local area quickly. Today, developers and business visionaries are similar to Flutter app development. 

We should contrast Flutter and Kotlin with getting what is ideal for creating cross-platform apps for current ventures. Yet, prior to looking at it, we should have a short presentation of both these powerful platforms.

Flutter-Google Supports It

Google has developed this open-source platform for creating highlight-rich apps for iOS, Android, and web domains. It offers a solitary API for and a solitary codebase for fostering an app that can immaculately run-on various platforms at the same time. Google has developed this platform by remembering the Google Fuchsia OS. Google Ads, eBay, and The New York Times apps depend on Flutter. Higher adaptability, rich libraries, and Hot Reload are key explanations behind its developing prominence.

Kotlin-Official Programming Language for Android Apps

Kotlin is an open-source language that has a Kotlin Multiplatform highlight. It follows JavaScript and the JVM bytecode. Kotlin is an authority programming language for creating Android apps. Notwithstanding, mobile app developers can include rich apps for iOS and web domains additionally utilizing this platform. Organizations like VMWare and Yandex have developed apps for Kotlin. The language has grammar like Java and Swift, so it is a simple language for developers.


Since its launch in the year 2018, Flutter has taken the mobile app development space by storm. However, both Kotlin and Flutter are allowed to-utilize app development systems, Google Trends shows that the prevalence of Flutter is rising pointedly when contrasted with Kotlin in a brief time frame. Github likewise mirrors this pattern. On Github, Flutter leads with 88.7k stars while Kotlin has quite recently 31.1k beginnings.

Simplicity of Learning

Kotlin depends on JavaScript and is interoperable with Java. It makes the language and Kotlin Multiplatform simple for developers. Java has stayed the most loved language in Android app development and developers can without much of a stretch form apps involving Kotlin hence. Flutter depends on Dart, a language developed by Google. However, this is likewise a simple-to-learn language, it is a piece challenging to comprehend for developers.


Flutter empowers developers to involve Dart language for fostering the format and backend. Kotlin Multiplatform code can promptly arrange in the objective platform. As it were, both these systems are similarly advantageous with regards to growing top-of-the-line venture apps. Here, it is reasonable to make reference to Kotlin apps that are exceptionally protected and viable though Flutter apps rush to-stack.

Third-party Integration

Whenever you employ Flutter developers, they can without much of a stretch incorporate third-party APIs and instruments to assemble cross-platform apps. Likewise, Flutter upholds Material Design for Android and Cortana for iOS apps. In Kotlin development, developers can utilize similar apparatuses and libraries while creating apps. For instance, it is not difficult to incorporate Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI for dispensing with the requirement for any third-party instruments. Flutter necessities to coordinate with third-party instruments and libraries.

Multiplatform Development

Flutter app development can fabricate apps for Android, iOS, and web apps. In any case, Flutter doesn’t uphold for creating apps for tvOS or WatchOS to date. Kotlin, then again, has no such limitation. Kotlin is developed for different programming projects past Android and iOS. Developers can construct apps for a considerable length of time and platforms with the assistance of Kotlin.

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