IoT & Smartphone can help you be better at your job

The conversations around ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) are moving out of the tech corporations to simple coffee table chats . What is more exciting is that most of us have not realized the power of IoT yet. IoT together with your mobile phone can do your all household chores and can help you be better at your job.

As the use of internet has been increasingly popular, the cost of connectivity has rapidly reduced enabling more devices to be connected to it. The cost of technology too has dwindled, providing the most appropriate environment for smartphones to be produced and to thrive.


To put it in the simplest of words, the Internet of Things together with smart apps on your phone can make your life much easier & better by connecting any or all devices to the internet and to one another. Everything from cell phones, television, washing machine, dishwasher lamps—basically everything that can be programed to go online.

Now you wonder, well, where is this connectivity leading us to? How does having my phone being connected to devices in my kitchen help me? Now imagine a day where the time you turn your alarm off prompts your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee. Now wouldn’t that be absolutely convenient.


There are numerous instances where this connectivity has the ability to make its way to declutter our lives. Our mobile phones are an extension of our selves where we are increasingly dependent on it for our day in and day out activities. Smartphones users have the ultimate advantage of accessing numerous apps to make their lives convenient.

Now similar to the alarm and coffee machine connectivity, imagine your calendar having the ability to trace your next meeting, connecting to your car to find your location and intimating your meeting members if you are going to be late depending on the predicted traffic you expect on route.

What has just happened is that internet connectivity has taken over the most mundane of tasks and simplified your life, where you must only worry about the presentation in the meeting and not all the steps that led up to it. How convenient would that be if your refrigerator could immediately assess your food supplies need and connect to the online stores to order the supplies without you having to do the task yourself.


The rule of the future of technology can be simply put – anything that can be connected, must be connected. Varied applications on mobile devices collect and collate the information depending on your usage to bring you effective solutions. The reality of the Internet of Things promises exponential levels of growth and opportunities—some of which may be difficulty to accept. There are numerous security issues and data sharing challenges too that may arise out of it. Corporations are therefore dedicated to finding effective solutions to these technological advances and hence, the future looks promising. IoT & Smartphone can help you be better at your job and make your life much easier.

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