Why Choose iPhone App Development over Android App Development to Dominate the Market ?

iOS App vs Android App Development

These days, worldwide a large number of the world’s population is using smartphones & mobile apps. These applications inherit surprising benefits for users. Maximum mobile apps are built for two platforms including Android & iOS wherein the global market the share of android apps is 87% while iOS bears 13%. Here, we will shed some light on the iPhone App Development over Android App Development so that readers could fetch an extra piece of information about Android Apps & iOS Apps.

Big giants, “Google & Apple” are continuously improving their services by providing futuristic mobile apps for users. Nowadays, trends have been changing swiftly to offer next-gen mobile apps which would be enriched with the best features & functionalities. Mobile app development companies are aspiring to develop highly secure & accessible mobile apps for various domains including education, sports, games, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, food delivery, banking, financial services, etc. Approximately 3.8 billion people are using smartphones & this number is escalating day by day. 

Businesses have been relied upon to mobile apps for their services, profits & branding. Mobile apps have been playing a significant role in increasing sales and growth of the businesses. If you’re planning for mobile apps for your business, then first you should be familiar with iOS App vs Android App Development. 

Why Choose iPhone App Development over Android App Development


People, whether they are using an android or iOS version can take advantage of these in their business. Different factors will help you to decide whether you should go with the Android or iOS versions.  Where these factors include – audience, timeline, budget, features, and revenue goal. Android and iOS mobile apps have their own pros and cons, and depending on our requirements we should carefully consider the best one for our business and needs. 

If you are thinking to go with both versions, here you should keep in mind that this would be definitely expensive to build an android and iOS version simultaneously. In many cases, mobile app developers first start developing mobile apps for one version and in later stages, they build for the second one.

Benefits – iOS App Development Vs Android App development

Both use different languages & tools for building mobile apps. Basically, Android uses Java and Kotlin as programming languages while iOS uses Objective-C and Swift. In this section, we will explore a little bit about iOS advantages. In the past years, the iOS App development has been increased to the next level and gained more popularity in comparison to Android. There are almost 2.2 million iOS mobile apps for download & the revenue has crossed a $25.5 billion mark, which is more than the Google play store earning.  Let’s have a brief about the advantages of iOS apps over Android apps.

Best in UI Design

iOS is pretty much good in terms of designing due to better guidelines for UI design. The mobile app developers will not feel any hassle while creating awesome and inspiring designs. This will further help in crafting the stunning iPhone apps that would be clean, crisp, and functional in every manner. The iOS mobile apps will always exceed the expectations of the business owners & users.

High-Quality Standard

iOS Apps possess flawless performance &  high-quality. These mobile apps are launched after passing the quality & standard. If a user downloads an iOS app, then it confirms that the app shall have outstanding performance and efficacy to raise the user’s experience. All this makes Apple’s iOS to gain the trust and loyalty of the customers. On the contrary, Android app developers mostly use open-source libraries while building mobile apps. And sometimes, users face hassle while using mobile apps on different platforms and devices. 

Cost of Development

It’s advantageous, that iPhone app development is pretty much cost-effective as compared to Android App Development. 

Customer Base

Although Android app users are more in number as compared to Apple’s users. But here it’s good to know that Apple has a well-established user base that believes in the quality and performance of Apple’s OS & Devices. Once, if a user attaches with Apple’s device then for him nothing could be better than this. Its experience is always awesome & inspiring.


Business & user’s data is worth important, so security needs to be strong.  In the context of security, the iPhone is more secure as compared to Android. If we compare iPhone Vs Android, we find that the iPhone provides better shields through highly security measures including – prevention of data duplication,  integrated data handling, and data encryption. iPhone users get better protection against hacking as well as malware attacks.  

Business Features

iPhone Apps bear everything that suits all your business needs. The iOS app contains all sets of necessary features including – mobility, security, responsiveness, as well as user’s friendliness. In terms of development, iPhone App Development possesses more than Android App Development. 


It’s worth understanding that Apple devices use the same version that helps the developers to build robust mobile apps without consuming more time & hard work. 

Robust User Experience

The user experience of the iPhone App is somewhat better than the Android App. We can analyse a greater degree of the compatibility between software and hardware of Apple’s devices. Users realize seamless & effective services. Apple’s customer support and maintenance make it possible and keep ahead of their competitors. Therefore it’s good to choose iOS App vs Android App Development.

Latest Version & Easy Testing

In addition to the above-mentioned points, here it would be better to gain an understanding of the latest version implementation. Most Android users use the previous version of Android instead of the latest one, while in the case of iOS version its users use the latest one. iOS apps run on only a few devices while android covers a broad spectrum,  this creates problems. The testing of mobile apps becomes so hassle-free for iPhone mobile apps.  It becomes least expensive as compared to Android mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Development Process – A Walkthrough of Mobile App Journey

Mobile app development companies follow different methodologies and approach to develop mobile apps. However, the fundamental and best practices still prevail and drag them to follow the same. We would like to mention a few steps of the entire mobile apps development process that is adopted by the mobile app development company. The developers whether they are experienced in building android apps or iOS mobile apps should be familiar with all these steps. This will always make the path easy from understanding the requirements to deployment.

Mobile Apps Development Process

Idea Generation & Research / Planning

First, an idea comes into the mind before it turns into reality.  On the basis of the idea, research and analysis of requirements conduct. In this phase several things are considered including – identify the mobile app users, finding goals and achievements, selecting the appropriate mobile app platform, finding the competitors. The goals and objectives of the mobile apps need to be discussed with the iOS and Android developers. Therefore, these team members should be a part of the iPhone or Android Mobile Apps Development process. The technology & tools are taken on the highest priority.

UI/UX Design

The main objective of UI/UX designing is to provide an effective and seamless user experience.  This could meet the needs of users. The UI/UX designers strive to make intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly design while keeping the needs of all stakeholders on top-most priority. The mobile app design should be able to engage users effectively. 


After UI/UX design, the mobile app development process starts. Mobile app developers construct the framework, select the appropriate tools and technology to initiate the coding process.  Multiple tools and technologies are present in the market for Android & iOS mobile app development.  For android mobile apps – JAVA and Kotlin are the most prevailing languages, and for iOS mobile apps development – Swift and objective-c dominant. The developers cover all features which are needed to fulfil the business requirements.

Testing & QA

Software testing ensures the quality of the software. The mobile app testing is important to deliver a high quality of the application that is free from defects or bugs. The mobile app tester performs several types of testing before the mobile application goes for deployment.  

Marketing and Maintenance

On the successful deployment of mobile apps, it’s always necessary to carry out the maintenance of the applications so as to provide seamless & effective services to users and the app’s owner.

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App –  A Quick Glimpse

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

In today’s fierce competition era, it’s necessary for businesses to have mobile apps. These apps help a lot in increasing sales and profit.  iPhone App Development over Android App development could be the point of debate but mobile apps are advantageous that cannot be denied. There are a few points that will tell you why mobile apps are beneficial for your business. Let’s have a quick glimpse:- 

  • Increases Visibility
  • Increases Brand Recognition
  • Enhances Connectivity
  • Cultivates Customer’s Loyalty
  • Better Customer Service
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Increases Sales and Profit

In the above section, you have gone through different aspects/  phases of mobile app development. You have gone familiar with iPhone App Development Vs Android App Development. Now let’s try to understand how BizBrolly can be helpful to make robust mobile apps for your business.

BizBrolly – Facilitates Cost-Effective Mobile App Development Services

BizBrolly is a well-recognized mobile app development company in India, known for building Android and iOS mobile apps for different businesses including – travel, sports, healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce, and many more. A team of enthusiastic and experienced android and iOS app developers aspire to deliver the highest quality of mobile apps. Also, we have expertise in website development as well as building IoT apps. We understand the concerns of our potential customers, therefore strive to deliver mobile apps on time & within budget. A strong client portfolio tells our story and success. 

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