How to make your App stand out in the crowd

Mobile app development is one of the fastest growing businesses in today’ time. We are in the time where we can say that there is an app for literally everything. With the increasing consumption and availability of Smart Phones to the masses this business is definitely going to boom for many coming years and with the right user centric features your app can really stand out from the crowd that can provide you an exponential business growth.

Smart Phone App Market Potential

Before you decide to put your money into smartphone app development it is important to get familiar with the potential of this business. According to a report released by Statista, the Gross Annual Revenue of mobile app market will cross $189 billion by 2020. Another report shares that in the preceding year, users have downloaded 149.3 billion apps to their connected devices. And it is expected that the same figure will touch the mark of 352.9 billion app downloads by 2021. Due to its remarkable growth and huge potential it fascinates everyone but you need to look at the other side of the story as well before you decide to get into Mobile app development Business.
According to a latest survey it was found that approximately 45% retail mobile app users aren’t satisfied with their mobile app experience also it was found that an average mobile app loses 77% of its daily active users in its first three days and 90% in 30 days.

Things which you should keep in Mind

There is no doubt in the fact that the Mobile app market is Growing at a very Rapid speed but as reports suggest, the users are still not satisfied from majority of the mobile applications and If you really want to win the hearts of your desired audience you need to focus on building a user centric Mobile application.
Although everyone Plans to build an app of this kind, but not everyone ends with the desired results due to different reasons and That is why here we are sharing few points that you need to keep in mind while building a Mobile application.

1: Study Your Desired Audience

If you are planning to build an app your very first task should be to understand the needs of your Desired Audience. People who are targeting to get into Mobile app development business should understand that they need to do a detailed research in likes and dislikes ,choices ,preferences of their desired Audience. Their should be a detailed research on what their users are expecting in their mobile application which current apps are not able to provide. After getting this detailed analysis you can prepare feature listing for your product and can include the feedback of your target audience. This will give you an edge over other players as you will be creating what your users exactly want.

2: Focus more on UX (User experience) rather then UI (User interface)

Though any app design should be a combination of UI and UX however focus should be more on providing a good user experience to users. There is no need to put all your efforts and show all your creativity into creating fancy designs. Just Keep it simple and easy to use. It should also be ensure that content is clearly visible, design elements are friendly, and the controls are placed at the right place. Most of the time a messy design is the reason why your app gets uninstalled from the devices of your users as soon as they installs it.

3: Smartphones and Tablets compatibility

If you really want to get successful in the app development Business you need to ensure that you app performs well in all the devices ( Number is huge when it comes to Android) as There are a number of smartphones and tablets available in the market with different screen sizes and orientation. While building your application You need to code and design your application keeping in mind all these smart devices irrespective of their screen size, OS, etc and to ensure the desired result you should test your app in all the devices before its launch so that people no matter which device and OS they are on find your app useful.

4: Internet bandwidth

The very first reason why people are switching to smart phone apps is the time and effort people save through them and If your smartphone application takes a relatively extra time to load at low internet speed, your app users will definitely leave using it. The success of many applications lies in the fact that they run smooth on low internet connectivity which we all encounters in our day to day lives. An app that has the capability to run on low internet speed can create miracles in the lives of users and can be a major reason why people would love to use it.It is very important that during the development and testing phase test related to the connectivity related performance also done so that you can get the idea about how your app will work on low connectivity situation and after getting these results you should focus on providing your users the best experience even if they are on poor network so that they can trust your application when nothing is available.

5: Provide Regular updates

Working in the project management Profile i frequently get a chance to communicate with clients from all over the globe. The most common thing i have found in clients is that they want to accumulate every feature in their product at the very first launch. I have seen Projects with phenomenal potential getting failed due to this approach of desiring everything in the app at the beginning.

Before you decide to create an app you must fix your requirements that you want to have in your app. This will help your developer to provide you the product in specified time. Many People do not spend much of their time into Requirement Gathering and approach developers directly giving a rough idea of what they want in the product. The problem starts when they start viewing the design of their app and they start comparing it with other established apps, this is the time they approach their developers and asks them to have all the features they see in different apps which most of the time becomes hectic for the development team as clients only see features but developers have to spend a lot of time and efforts into implementing those features which delays the launch of their application.
To maintain a healthy professional relation with your development firm you need to fix your requirements at the beginning of the project.

Now to accumulate all the ideas that you get on daily basis for your app you should launch regular versions of it.
This approach will ensure that your project is not getting delayed and you are achieving your goals in a managed way.

It is important that with the passing days, you learn through your mistakes and accordingly release updates. The best way to do this is through user feedback. Don’t leave them unattended. Check what your users expect from the application, and how you can retain them for long. It has been noticed that app updates are the best way to keep users engaged with your brand.

6: Security

Data security is the most important aspects which you should work upon. Users think twice before sharing their personal information or giving permission to any app. Also With the increasing number of Cyber crimes, data hacks ,Data piracy users are very aggressive for the protection of their data. any such data breach incident can literally devastate the hard earned reputation of your Product hence to avoid this situation you need to ensure the protection of your Users data also you need to take care that your app don’t ask for those permissions which are unnecessary or irrelevant to your smart Phone app.

7: Choose a Right Technical Partner

This is something which matters the most. A right team can make your dream successful or can turn it into a nightmare. Before allocating your project to someone you should do a thorough research on the capabilities and strength of the team. Also you should not compromise with Quality for small financial savings.

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