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Let’s learn how to create an app and earn money online


In the Digital World – Technology is growing with a fast pace where everyday something new is being introduced. Interestingly, since the inception of smartphones along with the Android and iOS versions, mobile app development is gaining a lot of popularity, and increasing with an exponential rate. Everyone wants to earn money online and to accomplish this goal they try to find out the best ways to invest in these profitable projects. Mobile app development company in India and on the global platform creates mobile apps to earn money online. But most of us are unaware of “how to create an app and earn money”. Before going ahead we should go through some sort of statistics that will reveal how mobile apps could be profitable deals for you.

Today almost there are 300 million users of smartphones in India. And it’s expected to reach up to an unbelievable number that may exceed beyond the 2.3 billion on global level. In the context of data consumption or usage of smartphones, users consume almost 1 GB of Data/day erstwhile average of 4GB a month. The time spent chiefly on browsing, social networking, chat, video streaming, gaming, service apps, and on image apps that engage them for almost 80% of total time on smartphone.

According to the global survey, mobile app revenue is expected to cross $100 billion by 2020 in comparison to $75 billion (As of Today). It’s absolutely incredible that from 2011 to 2015 the growth rate was 500%. App Store has more revenue in comparison to the Google Play Store. Mobile apps have immense potential to create a path for revenue generation, so mobile app development company endeavors to hire good mobile app developers (Android developers / iOS developers). But still the question “how do apps make money” or “how to create an app and earn money” is unclear. Let’s bring to light keeping by highlighting the recent scenario.

How do apps make money

Before going ahead with money-making app development, we must think about free or premium mobile apps. As a good businessman, We must plan a mobile app development strategy to earn more profit. Our idea should be unique, innovative and more engaging because this would lead to more downloads even if you create a free version or paid.

Here we must also need to take care of different types of verticals including games, education, referral, online shopping, etc. Everything on this digital platform has the potential to earn money. Even though, we know that free apps will offer more downloads but how this will benefit us? In the case of a mobile app with the premium version users have to pay a one-time fee or upgrade fee to avail of the premium features. In general, most of the free app is of demo kinds, and after using basic features you wish to unlock premium features for which you will have to pay an amount asked by mobile app development company/app owner. The demo version of mobile application is so enticing, that users can’t sleep without buying of the premium version.

Gaming, education, or task-oriented mobile apps are booming these days and providing great benefits to mobile app developers/companies. Sometimes a new idea of earning can produce awesome results i.e extra free talk time recharge promo code search for free recharge, discount on recharge, etc. There are a few other examples of mobile apps that assure you how apps make money online

  • 99 Games

  • PhonePe

  • Google Opinion Reward

  • SquadRun

  • Pact

  • Viggle

  • Swagbucks

In the context of free mobile apps, the monetization is possible in the following ways:

  • Subscription Model (Wall Street Journal)

  • Sponsorship (Weather Channel)

  • Crowdfunding(Hello Earth)

  • Advertising (via banner, video, native ad, interstitial ad, incentivized ad)

  • Referral Marketing (Amazon)

  • In-App Purchase & Freemium Model (PokemonGO)

  • Email Marketing (NY Times)

  • App Merchandise & E-commerce (Angry Birds)

How to create a mobile app?

After the recent development in computer science and engineering lots of tools and technologies have emerged in the last decade. Today, Android & iOS mobile app development is paramount. Android possesses more users in comparison to iOS but revenue generation from Apple’s App store is almost double that of Google’s Play store. Both have different platforms, and require different sorts of tools and technology to create a mobile application.

Picking up the right app development tools and technology always works better for building a robust mobile app. However, to create a mobile app, we should keep the following points in mind.

  • Target

  • Speed

  • Number of downloads

  • Social media integration

  • Competition

  • Simplicity

  • Customize Features

Let’s talk about the types of mobile app developments which is of two types

1) native app development 2) cross platform app development.

Native App Development:- Native apps generally run on specific devices and platforms e.g android version will run on Android OS devices whereas iOS mobile apps will run on iOS OS devices. An android app developer or an iOS app developer can build mobile apps to earn money for the specific platform while keeping the user’s requirements on priority.

Cross-Platform App Development:– Cross-platform mobile apps are ready to run on any platform including able to run on iOS, Windows or Android versions. Most of the mobile app development companies are looking for hybrid mobile app developers who possesses excellent skill sets and capable drive company’s objectives.

Tools & Technology for iOS App Development

To create a powerful iOS mobile app to earn money, it’s mandatory for us to know about the trending tools and technology to cater to business requirements. The success of an iOS app development mainly determined by the choice of tools that a developer opts for building a project.

Editors and IDEs: XCode, AppCode, Coderunner,

Language: Objective-C as well as Swift.

Tools & Technology for Android App Development

Editors and IDEs: Android Studio

Language: Java, Kotlin, C/C++

We hope you’re now aware of “how do free apps make money” & “How to create a mobile app”. We don’t expect a comprehensive knowledge but an idea and hope that you’re able to understand the importance of mobile apps in the business world. We’re the leading mobile app development company in Noida and can assist you to build awesome business apps as per requirements.

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