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Google Play VS App Store: Where Should You Launch The First Mobile App

Google Play Vs. App Store

Google play store & app store are two big platforms where you can launch your mobile apps. However, here it’s important to note that you may be caught in a state of dilemma. You may be confused about where you should launch your mobile app first. Actually, both are serving the same purpose, including – searching, downloading & installing mobile apps. In this section, we will explore more about the Google play vs. app store to clear your mind.

It will be a failure even after making a robust mobile app if doesn’t have more downloads. Therefore, it’s essential to select the right platform to launch your app. Statistics reveal that the Google Play store has more downloads as compared to App Store downloads. If you’re thinking about launching your app on the app store, it would be better to consider a few points.

Mobile App Trends Report 2020 offers a deep analysis for different industry verticals, including gaming, entertainment, e-commerce. Where it put forward the top-level insights about the install and post-install. It’s also veracious that mobile apps have been changing the way of doing businesses & enabling them to earn more money.

Meanwhile, the latest technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT, and AR/VR, are changing the dynamics. So, mobile app development companies are moving forward with these technologies to make life easier and advanced.

If a state of confusion is prevailing, then it’s good to find out the reasons behind this. We must rethink about Google play or app store & learn more about this. A walkthrough of the best points will open up the mind to make better decisions.

If you’re willing to make an application for iOS devices, then you should hire an iOS app development company for this. You will be benefitted at every stage of mobile app development. 

Moreover, In the following section, we will see a quick glimpse of Google play vs. App store. All this will help you a lot to select the appropriate platform whenever you think of launching mobile apps.

Key Points For Considering Google Play or App Store

Let’s go through a few points which will throw light on selecting the appropriate platform for your mobile app.

Target Audience

If you are sure to build a mobile app, then it’s also important to be clear about the target audience/customers/users. Merely having a powerful mobile app is not sufficient; it must also be available for intended users. It may lead to failure if you’re not able to do so. You should take care of this before building a business app for iOS / Android versions.

Free and Paid Apps in Stores

Google Play Store and App Store both have similar types of revenue sharing. Here it’s notable that 70% is for developers & 30% for stores. According to analytics, the gross earnings of Apple’s play store is higher than the Google play store. It can be a good point for consideration.

App Complexity 

We all know that requisition of both iOS and Android App development is different. However, the development of android apps is complicated as compared to iOS. Developers need to put extra effort & need to ensure bug and crash issues if they are running on an older operating system.

App Maintenance Cost

Most iOS device users like to use the latest version OS. So, it becomes necessary to make changes according to the newest version. You need to hire an iOS app developer so that you could make a compatible mobile. 

In the context of android app development, it’s good to hire an android app developer to ensure bug-free apps. In addition, it must run on an old operating system.

Operating System Popularity

The popularity of an OS should not be ignored; it gives a clear idea about the selection of the right platform for your mobile apps. You should always be crystal clear about the areas of mobile apps operations. For example, iOS is popular in the corporate sector as compared to Android. Therefore, it’s advantageous to launch your app on the app store. On the other side of the coin, utility apps will be more suitable to launch on the Google Play Store.

We have seen Google play vs. App Store differences according to your business needs & other factors. In the next sections, we will see the Android / iOS tools & technology, must-have features & about android app development company.

iOS /Android App Development Tools & Technology

Every day, something new appears in the mobile app development world. These days, an android app development company uses advanced technology to meet today’s business needs of clients.

iOS /Android App Development Tools & Technology

A few cutting edge technologies & tools are helping developers to make powerful business apps. Where these technologies work as a catalyst for businesses and play a vital role in increasing growth at a fast pace, iOS App developers & Android App developers must be well-versed with all this. Let’s have a quick overview of iOS & Android App technologies popular in 2020.

Technology Stack for iOS apps in 2020

  • Programming languages: Objective-C, Swift
  • Toolkit: Apple Xcode
  • SDK: iOS SDK

Technology Stack for Android apps in 2020

  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
  • Toolkit: Android Studio & Android Developer Tools
  • SDK: Android SDK

Must-Have Features That Makes Android / iOS Apps Best for Business

Google Play vs. app store has shown the important benefits of each other. However, a few features are needed for every mobile app. In this section, we will see what features must be available in mobile applications as per business perspective. All these key features will add value to your mobile app & will make them effective for different purposes. Incredible use of iPhones, smartphones, and wearables has transformed the world. 

Must-Have Features That Makes Android / iOS Apps Best for Business

Mobile app development features have become the key instruments for the market where these will increase the growth & profit of your business. Let’s see must-have features for your app, whether you’re going to launch your app on the Android or iOS platform.

  • Push Notifications
  • Feedback Systems
  • Social Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Analytics
  • Security

It’s now clear whether you should launch your app on google play or app store.

BizBrolly for iOS or Android App Development Solution

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