Future Potential of Voice Engineering/ Voice Based Search

future of voice search

Top-notch brands such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft etc. are using Voice based searching or Conversational user interfaces, to compete in the contemporary market. Usage of Voice assistant or interfaces increasing day by day, and, interestingly, around 60% of Google search on mobile, 12% searches are carried out by mobile voice queries, means 1 in every 5 person availing Voice Based Search. Actually, the search has changed the way we deal with information- voice search is the following evolution of this revolution.

More than the Mobile phone

Everyday Large number of mobile applications are introducing in the market with lots of features to boost your lifestyle comfort, let’s talk about Alexa, it will help us to talk with our cars, lamps, refrigerator, fan and all kinds of devices in and outside. In the near future, there will be more advancement of voice search engineering to offer valuable responses – just as in-car speech recognition, voice-enabled security features and more, the developers are much focussed in understanding the capabilities of each device and its integration. These voice search will be business-centric and will enhance user experience to the next level.

Personalize feel and responses

People enjoy more personalized responses while interacting with devices based on “voice search and AI”. Google Assistant is the game changer to elevate the personalized experience, as it understands the context of follow-up questions. If you ask about weather enquiry of your city, then Google assistant is able to assume “what will be the next question”, here it’s worth noted that  Google is well aware of the sequence of questions, on the second hand Alexa does not understand the context to this degree. Google is developing in a faster way in terms of personalization. 

Change in behaviour of searching

Voice search will definitely impact businesses in multiple ways, now consumers spending too much time on mobile has become a bigger challenge for marketers. Mobile voice searches have raised up to three times, then text. The technology – “Machine learning” has changed the way of searching, and mobile providing a huge set of data as well as information. The AI can help advertisers to check the data and user behaviours to develop their marketing strategies and planning, as well as to enhance brand values.

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