Feedback at BizBrolly

It has been one hell of a ride!
Right from the conceptualising, the launching and the running of BizBrolly Solutions. We recently celebrated our anniversary and realised the how nascent we are in the market. It was also the time for us to truly value the people that have been the backbone of the BizBrolly, giving it their finest best.
The beauty of working in the tech company is that you get to really know your industry well. It should therefore come as little surprise to you that we recently came across some really amazing reviews and feedback that have been posted on the employment portal Glassdoor for BizBrolly Solutions by people that have been part of this venture.
Here are a few that we’d love to share!

The Overall Review


We love to be described as ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’


Keep the comments coming!


What is a great day’s work without some tough love!


We hear you! Yes, we needed a new office space!


It’s amazing to share our passion with people who really understand us


Every day is an attempt to be better than yesterday! We promise!


Definitely taking up the advice here! We are taking off, at light speed!


Thank you for all the support and love! We genuinely appreciate the effort each one has taken to share their experiences about their time at BizBrolly Solutions.

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