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BizBrolly 20 Nov 2019
In general context eCommerce website is used for online shopping. And In the contemporary scenario, it’s expected that the eCommerce business will grow to US$ 200 billion in 2026, with an annual growth rate of 31%. Where the growth of industry increased due to the exponential usage of smartphones …Continue reading
BizBrolly 04 Oct 2019
Corporate anniversary is “The Biggest Event” for an organisation where you communicate your experience and reliability. With all, an anniversary is a special day to recall its beginning and a reason for a grand celebration. Being a special occasion, Company’s anniversary is often attended by partners, customers, employees, invited …Continue reading
BizBrolly 13 Sep 2019
Being a human, relationship matters for all of us! Today in the hustle-bustle of 21st century we’re missing the chance to build a strong relationship among our friends, partners or relatives. Means we’re going away from the happiness. Advancement of technology has its own pros and cons, but here …Continue reading
BizBrolly 12 Sep 2019
We’re now moving towards transformation by growth and advancement in every sphere of technology. Today, Vernacular Mobile Apps have evolved as the latest competition object for IT technology giants. With reference to India, the country is known for its diversity in languages, dialects, food, culture, etc. Meanwhile, implementation of …Continue reading
BizBrolly 24 Jul 2019
Today digital marketing has transformed the way of marketing and doing business. This helps to promote your company updates and to targeted consumers on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Digital marketing does not involve a little amount of effort but includes online marketing strategy, social media marketing, advertisement, SEO, YouTube, …Continue reading
BizBrolly 27 Jun 2019
Top-notch brands such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft etc. are using Voice based searching or Conversational user interfaces, to compete in the contemporary market. Usage of Voice assistant or interfaces increasing day by day, and, interestingly, around 60% of Google search on mobile, 12% searches are carried out by …Continue reading