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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing an App

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing an App

A business idea can be successful after the perfect implementation of mobile apps in the market where it could attract customers to use the services. It would be right to say that we’re living in a mobile world where we’re using various domains of applications in our smartphones. And it’s good to note down that every application must be designed or built in such a way that it could not hamper the objective of the business. Top IT companies across the globe are following a few steps or approaches to minimize mobile app development mistakes. Because these errors or inaccuracies at any stage could be costly or may impact your business with the highest severity. Therefore, it would be better to make a sophisticated plan before going further into the mobile app development process

Mobile App Versions

We chiefly find two types of mobile applications 1) Android Apps and 2) iOS Apps. Approximately 3 million apps are available on Google Play Store, and it’s expected that these mobile apps will hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. The customer base of both types of versions is increasing day by day and in the coming years, it would touch a new height.  As of now iOS app development and android app development have jumped to the next level. Where eCommerce app development or any domain is easily accessible on both types of platforms.

Why to Develop Apps

A business or an idea cannot be successful without implementing on mobile apps, the most important advantage of mobile applications is that they provide a large number of functions by allowing customers to access information and make online interactions. If we are moving for mobile app development including iOS app development we should make every possible effort to inline functionality which could be easily accessible from the user’s phone.  If you are looking forward to making your own mobile application for your business, then you must avoid a few sets of mistakes to avoid when developing an app, and must take care of vulnerabilities associated with this. In an era of online marketing, eCommerce app development should be designed perfectly to boost sales and to attract the customers, but should not be limited one and must be scalable.

Let’s discuss the 7 common mistakes while developing a mobile app.

Do not go without a flow map

Only having an idea is not enough, you must have a concrete plan before going further into the designs and wireframing. If you’re designing with simple apps, you will have to follow the flow map and direction steps. If you don’t follow the same you may distract from the perfect designing and may lead to a confusing structure of mobile apps. After designing, you go for development where both time and money play a vital role. And if mobile app developers take too much time and it results in a burden of heavy development cost. A developer of android and iOS skill sets will have to spend hours on the iOS app development or android app development. 

Keep Budget on Top Priority

In the previous section, we have discussed a little bit about budget, and it should be taken on the highest priority while going through the development process. If designers do not design perfectly, or developers do not write the business logic in an appropriate manner then it would cause the failure of mobile apps. Furthermore will impact on cost at any stage of mobile app development. Therefore, the world’s leading IT companies hire app developer who has vast experience in the respective field and possesses a sound understanding of requirements.  An experienced and innovative mobile app developer has the potential to write the code in less time and can save time and money for the company.

Understand Business Requirements

It’s correct to say that bad requirement gathering hitting hard to the IT sector where ambiguous requirements can lead to confusion among the team members, and further impacting the budget. According to a study, it was found that good requirement analysis can ensure a project’s cost is minimized. 

Work on Reducing the Loading Time

If a user uses a mobile app where it’s taking a long time to load or processing in any of the functionality then it could be quite annoying. There could be a possibility the user will switch to the next mobile app. The user might think that the app is malfunctioned and have some sort of deficiency associated with this which further will reduce the trust. In the case of eCommerce app development, and other social networking apps we must take care of loading time. There could many reasons for higher loading time including bad programming, server problems or anything else. We should keep it on top priority in a list of mistakes to avoid when developing an app.

Hire App Developer

To catalyze the mobile app development process, this is mandatory that a mobile app development company must ensure good resources such as experienced iOS and Android App Developer.  Meanwhile, the developers should be well-versed with the complete flow, business logic, and coding skills. In the case of eCommerce app development or any banking application development, every single piece of information matters a lot. But there can’t restrict ourselves to any particular application, we know that iOS App Development or Android App Development need different sets of skill set and technology. Therefore a developer should be well-versed with such kinds of tools and technology. Today new technologies are evolving at a fast pace which makes the mobile app development process much faster. A few of the listed technologies are Swift, C++, JAVA, HTML5, Phonegap, RhoMobile, WidgetPad, etc. According to the requirement, we should opt for the best technology and tools and further must have talented resources to make the project successful. 

Following Agile Methodology

In the contemporary scenario where the requirements change frequently,  in such a situation a project team must ensure a proper methodology or approach to reduce the cost and effort. In case you build the entire project, and any failure occurs in the mid or end-stage of development or thereafter then it will impact the companies interest. Which will further lead to more efforts for the development team.  We must try to avoid the conventional approaches of mobile app development whether we are going with iOS app development or android app development. 

Easy Login and Sign Up

In fact, every business has its own requirements, therefore, the login and sign up process is designed according to business. But it should not be a hectic one and must have an easy process for users. All this makes the mobile application more user-friendly and good to use. And will play a vital role in increasing the customer base and further increase in profit.

As we have seen that mobile apps have greater potential for improving business efficiency, however challenges come while designing the same. We have discussed the challenges and their effective resolutions. Further, we have covered all app development mistakes. The best app development company in the world are putting their best effort to resolve the issue and hiring the experience and innovative iOS and android app developer along with the modern mobile app development approach.

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