6 Perfect Steps To Write An Impressive Blogs Titles

How many of you know that writing a perfect or catchy blog titles matters more than writing a perfect article.

Yes, you heard it right and I can prove it…
According to Copy blogger Stats – There are 80% of your visitors who will read your headline and 20% will go on to finish the article. So in today’s article, we’ll follow the 6 perfect blog title ideas to create an impressive blog title,  that will help you to rank at no.1 in Google search engine result pages(SERPs).

Keyword Difficulty 

So the first step is to find the right keywords that are related to your industry with more than 1k searches per month. Always try to find trending keywords which are having high searches on Google page. 
You can find the keywords from any free keyword planner tool such as,

These are one of the best free keyword planner tools, where you can search for the best keywords with very little competition.

uber suggest

Eye Catchy Title 

After finding the right keywords for your blog, now it’s time to fill up that keyword with some eye-catchy words. There are 3 basic things which you should need to keep in mind for writing perfect titles around particular keywords are:

  • Try to use Interrogative words – “How To”, “Why” etc.

For Example – 1)How to learn python online free
                        2) why soft skills are important for employees


  • Use Numbers – Because it’s found that number gets more attention in blog title rather than simple words.


For Example – 1)Top 3 Technology Company in India

                        2)The 29 best tech companies to work for in 2019   


  • Power Words – Yes you heard it right, like – Best, Top, Super, etc…


For Example – 1)Best way to impress a girl

                        2)super hit video song of Akshay Kumar

Google Suggestions at Bottom  

This is one of the best & exclusive formula that no professional content writer will be going to reveal with you. Like – we all have seen at the bottom searches on the google page you’ll find more keywords that relate with your primary searches. 

So, from these bottom keywords, you’ll find the feel behind the users or what users are looking for. 

google suggestions

Word Limit  

Now 50 % of your job has done before reaching to number 4th step. It’s time to fix the limits and use some standard methods for blog titles. Generally, we follow the title should not be more than 60-70 characters or 6-7 words. 

The reason we always use standard word limit size because google only shows 65 character words on their search engine and also our blog titles will remain in proper alignment and our keywords will not exceed from the title limit. 

word limit


Now it’s time to go brainstorming!! – You need to play around the same 4-5 titles and then select the best one with your co-workers. 

It’s always helpful to come up with 4-5 title ideas on the same keywords and then select the best one with the help of your co-workers.

Before choosing this title I have also come up with 4-5 different titles and then I have selected the final one. You can see a real example:

brain storming

Blogging Tools 

This is our last step in which you’ll find some of the best tools to generate blog ideas. Where you only need to put some keywords there and it’ll automatically help you generate new blog title ideas.


  1. Portent – It’s one of the best content idea generator tools that most professional blog writers use. portent
  2. Buzzsumo – It’s also one of the popular platforms where you can quickly discover new content ideas and identify passionate influencers.



Follow these 6 simple steps and I am confident that – you will be able to write an impressive blog title within a week.

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