5 Ways To Shop Safely Online- All About Cybersecurity

Shopping experiences have now been completely transformed.

Convenience. Timely. Accessibility. These are easily among the top three reasons why each one of us— one time or another have chosen to shop online. There is a growing concern over cases of cyber-theft, which can include identity theft and financial fraud. Maintaining our data to be protected during each of our online activities must be a top priority.
In our effort to commemorate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we bring you 5 effective ways to shop safely online—

1. Always shop on https website
Your first point of action— Weather you are online— shopping or not— remember to use only https website. It offers a secure connection that guarantees that whatever transaction takes place between you and the site, it is exclusively restricted to only you and the system. If it is http, siren bells must most definitely go off in your brain. These sites are not secure for vital transactions.

2. Are you sure you want to use public Wi-Fi?
If you are shopping outdoors, always reject the temptation to use public Wi-Fi, however If you use it, you are unwittingly exposing yourself to cyber-theft.

3. Remember to update your gadgets
Updates are a sign of important technical changes that apps, and devices undergo. These may happen just as regular updates or as a security breech. Updating your device’s operating system is a good way to remain secure.

4. Protect your login details
Harmless as it may seem to keep your login credentials at easy access, save yourself the trouble of security breaches. Even an accidental exposure can be punished. It is also very advisable to use complex and secure passwords to safeguard yourself.

5. Mobiles are not a safe place to store sensitive information
It is in fact the easiest way to expose yourself to theft. Although it can store very important and sensitive card info for ease of transaction, it can leave you vulnerable to hackers and cyber thieves.

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