5 Ways to Motivate your Team

You are only as good as your team.
Great companies may be identified by their leaders, but it is the team that runs the business. As a leader of the pack, it is your responsibility to identify any impediment that your team, or for that matter, your individual members of staff and address this. By this, in no way is implied that you must resolve the problem at hand, but it definitely a cue for the leader to encourage the member to tackle the problem, head on.
This is one of the greatest things I want to incorporate in our work culture at BizBrolly Solutions. I envision it to be a company that grows out of motivation from one another.
For those who remain sure of how to pick the cues, here are 5 ways you can motivate your team with:

  1. Being Respectful

Gone are those of ruthless bosses. Success is when you can recognise and reward the work that your team puts in. Show complete respect to the effort that is put in.

  1. Say No to Micro-managing

This one is not only going to be a relief for your team, but also one for you. Trust your team of the skills you hired them for, and watch them perform.

  1. Be Humane

Be the person your team comes to when they need someone reliable. Be personable, accessible.

  1. Grow Leaders from within

As your brand will grow, so will demand for better decision-makers. Empower you team to make valuable decisions.

  1. Lead by Example

Emulate how you expect your team to perform. Be accountable for your decisions, transparent in your action and push yourself to perform. Chances are, it will rub off on your team too.

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