5 Technologies That Are Future Of Social Media  

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Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our personal lives, and social media is one of its most visible beneficiaries. When it comes to Social Media Optimization Services, we’re seeing a lot of positive changes as technology advances.

Social media will change for the better now and in the future as a result of the following technologies:

1. AI-Influenced Marketing

There has been no technology that has improved social media as much as artificial intelligence. Because of AI technologies, each platform has a customized algorithm that aids in the placement of content that the platform believes its users will enjoy the most. That’s why you don’t always see updates from all of your friends and brands.

AI is also widely used in the marketing industry. You can now curate an advertisement for a specific audience and pay to have that advertisement only reach the people who are most likely to engage. You will not waste money attempting to reach out to everyone because you do not need to.

AI also plays a role in marketing automation, enhancing the ability of bots and data collection tools to maximize engagement and gather valuable insights to improve your campaign.

In short, AI is critical to increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while decreasing the amount of time you must spend on each platform.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another aspect of targeted marketing that stems from technological marvels. This is thought to be one of the most effective social media strategies, especially on Instagram. It enables you to connect with hundreds of thousands (or more) of followers without growing your following to that size.

We will see changes in this as artificial intelligence and targeted marketing continue to advance.

Influencer campaigns, in particular, will take over advertising. Those who successfully navigate such a campaign discover that the reach is far more effective than even geo-targeted ads. With approximately 88 percent of consumers relying on the advice of a trusted individual when making purchasing decisions, word-of-mouth marketing is considered the most effective form of advertising. It’s no wonder that influencer marketing is so successful.

“Brands’ marketing budgets will continue to grow; they will continue to go after influencers who are more niche in their market,” Natalia Diaz, co-founder of the experience-based marketplace 123 Wish, spoke with Forbes as well. “I have friends in charge of large campaigns who are opting to hold events with influencers instead of traditional ads because they know they’ll reach 20 million people and that number is only going to grow.”

3. Security and privacy features

If you haven’t yet been hacked on social media, you almost certainly know someone who has. Because it is so simple to gain access to an account and personal information on social media, it could be considered a hacker’s favorite target.

Every day, it is estimated that over 600 Facebook accounts are compromised. Hackers attempt to gain control of your account and information by using social spam, phishing, link-jacking, and life-jacking techniques.

To avoid these tech-driven attacks, social companies are prioritizing user account security with technologies such as multi-factor authentication.

4. Augmented Reality

The future of social media has also been linked to augmented reality. We’ve already seen a lot of interest in AR tools like photo filters and lenses, as well as interactive tools from businesses.

You can even transform into a 3D bitmoji and send it to your friends. As exciting as these developments are, we have only scratched the surface of what augmented reality can do for social media. According to Forbes, the power of augmented reality will enable advancements such as virtual stores, live events, AR videos, and more. These are highly relatable and shareable experiences that provide a fantastic opportunity for brands and consumers to connect on a more personal level.

5. Mediums of Communication

If you asked the average customer 20 years ago, they would have said in-person interactions were their preferred method of communication. A phone call would probably come in second, followed by email and other text conversations. Because communication on social media is so simple, there has been a complete shift. The majority of users say that communicating via social media is their new favorite method.

Social media has elevated communication to a whole new level, adding a personal touch to every business interaction. It also created a new platform for millennials who don’t turn on the 6:00 news to be aware of current events and their surroundings.

6. IoT

The Internet of Things is the final trend on our list of social media and technology trends. Some of the industry’s biggest names, including N&W, Disney, and Tencent, use the technology extensively for social media monitoring and marketing.


Organizations are always on the lookout for an IoT skilled social media app development company to assist them in developing solutions cantered on real-time monitoring of data and insights derived from social media in order to make better business decisions.

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