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5 Best Place to Sell Online

We are continuously observing many changes in the world of eCommerce, where merchants/traders are getting more opportunities to sell products and services online. In this section, we will discuss 5 best places to sell online, which will be advantageous for you to earn more money while increasing your sales & customer satisfaction. 

In this date and age, people have gone crazy towards smartphones, and this has revolutionized the usage of online shopping apps. If we put an eye over the statistics, we see that there are approximately 1.92 billion buyers who buy something by using the online selling platforms. Also, the online shopping market is growing swiftly where in the next few years, it will be out of the blue. In 2018, the growth rate of online shopping was 14.4%. 

Today, consumers want to experience hassle-free shopping where they seek faster access to the products and services—top online selling platforms like Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and your website. If you’re a merchant and want to sell online, then these platforms will be advantageous.

Best Place To Sell Online 2020 – Grow Your Business 

A few online marketplaces provide an array of services to sell products efficiently. Let’s have a brief discussion about the best place for online selling of products.


Undoubtedly, Amazon lies on the top spot. It’s the best place to sell online. Worldwide, it’s recognized as the most trustable online selling platform where sellers can earn plenty of money & find the right place of large customers. Today, online selling is increasing day-by-day, and the number of multi-million dollar sellers has grown swiftly. If merchants don’t sell their products online on Amazon, it appears that they are hitting themselves by losing the chances of earning more profit. 

However, there are a few things that we should keep in mind that Amazon has a higher fee as compared to others and has complex rules and policies. The biggest reason that allows us to go with Amazon is its large customer base and robust search engine optimization.

A Complete Guide to Sell Product on Amazon

how to sell products online

Amazon is the top online marketplace in the world for selling products. The growth rate of Amazon is increasing day-by-day. Now, let’s have a quick overview of how it works. Merchants can kick-off online sales. You need to follow the following steps.

  • Business Registration
  • Upload your product and inventory
  • Customer See Your Products
  • Customer Buy Your Products
  • Product Shipping
  • Amazon Transfer Payment


The next online store is eBay, where you can sell your products without any trouble. eBay is another big platform that is customer-friendly, where merchants can earn more profit. It’s also known for its higher seller’s annual revenue. The statistics reveal the fact that eBay users spend less money. It’s the best for the new sellers who are going to be involved in the eCommerce business. eBay’s business podcast helps Marchant to grow their business. eBay provides you the new eBay store shopping experience where you can grow your business to a greater degree and promote listings.

Own Website / Online Store

Your own online store can be a good one; however, it’s not a piece of cake. It needs lots of effort and talent to build a website and sell products. But this will be very beneficial in the context of long-term success where you can earn more profit as compared to other marketplaces as you don’t need to pay any fee for this. In a survey, it was found that merchants earn more through their independent online stores/websites instead of selling items on these marketplaces. 

Undoubtedly, store owners who are using BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. are earning plenty of money as compared to others. The biggest challenge that you may encounter with your business website is to gain organic traffic from search engines. If you promote the same, it will take a huge amount in advertising, and after this, customers will trust to buy products. It’s veracious that building its own website is not an easy task, but it’s the best.


Shopify is another unique & robust online marketplace where it’s also a website builder platform. There are several advantages of selling products on Shopify, including choosing an eCommerce theme and creating your own website. 

You will be able to create your own online store quickly, even if you don’t have any development background. It provides a number of features, including a vast catalog of products, advertisements on Facebook, and Google. It will be helpful in promoting your business and driving more sales. It’s important to note that you will have to pay a monthly service fee, and all this will depend on the service plan you have selected. Moreover, it’s suitable for B2C companies. Companies should look forward to selling their products on Shopify. It’s one of the best places to sell online due to its lucrative features.

Why Shopify 

why shopify to sell online

In the recent survey, it was found that Shopify has surpassed a mark of more than 820,000 merchants for online selling. In a year, there are around 218 million customers who have bought something from the Shopify online store where the sale was around $41 Billion. Beautiful and customized themes allow you to build customized online stores. Another Big advantage that Shopify offers is its low price.

Walmart is also an attractive marketplace for the sellers, where it has the potential to grab more customers. The biggest thing that we must note down is that it doesn’t charge membership fees. However, companies who have a strong reputation can register themselves to sell online. It’s also recognized as the world’s largest omnichannel retailer & a community of reputed sellers who are engaged in selling high-quality products.

Walmart is well-known for its valuable piece of services for sellers where it facilitates managing orders, arrange shipments, and an exclusive range of customer care services. Merchants can enjoy partnering with Walmart, where its innovative programs will suit your business. On joining the Walmart marketplace community, you will be allowed to build your catalog, set prices, ship items directly to your customers. Moreover, you don’t need to pay the setup or monthly fees. It’s also known as the best place to sell online for merchants.

Hopefully, you have gone familiar with the best place to sell online. If you are looking to sell online, then you may go with any one of these options.

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