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rfeddddddddToday, Next-gen games have changed the scenario of playing games on different platforms i.e. desktop & mobile devices. Here we’ll take a look at top 10 mobile game development tools that are influencing the IT & gaming industry to a great extent.

Furthermore a list of mobile game development platforms and engine 2020, will explore new dimensions of understanding for everyone whether you are a professional game developer or a newbie.

Mobile games have become an integral part of millions of people’s lifestyle. Where they actively play games on different platforms for fun.

According to a survey, it was revealed that Gaming industry would surpass the $174 Billion mark by 2021. This a big number & expected to grow at a fast pace. In 2018, Revenue generation was $87.1 billion by all mobile apps. Now it’s crystal clear that mobile gaming industry will shine in upcoming  years.

There are several types of mobile and desktop game genres including – adventure, sports, betting, arcade, role playing, MOB A, puzzle gaming apps. Popular mobile apps download platforms such as Apple Store, and Google Play Store are always leading weather in terms of revenue, number of downloads or active apps. Let’s talk a little bit about the mobile games – actually there are two variations one is android mobile gaming apps and another one iOS mobile gaming apps.


World’s top notch mobile app development companies strive to hire innovative & passionate mobile game developers and inventors to bring something new for those who like to play games. They always keep engaging themselves to enhance their mobile app development services for intended results. 

Best Mobile Game Development Tools –  A Quick Glance

Now further we’ll talk about the game development tools which are more popular among the game developers community. 

At the end of this topic, you’ll be familiar with mobile game development technologies and tools being used for game apps development.  App development services are getting more efficient & cost effective by the raising use of these technologies.


By the help of cutting edge technologies such as C++, C#, Java, Python and Swift, mobile game developers can develop a series of innovative and brainstorming games. Where Cocos2D works astoundingly to provide a framework to build cross-platform mobile gaming apps. It inherits a huge set of libraries, and features such as font editor,  Sprite Sheet editor, and Sprite Builder with Coco Studio. Successful games like Bad land and Geometry Dash are developed by the use of Cocos2D-X. 


Build box is a great alternative for those who don’t have interest in writing programmers and lack of coding skill set. It uses the visual programming interface which plays a significant role in achieving the desired results. It helps in creation of light and casual gaming apps in a quickest span of time. A cluster of thousands of free assets and animation keep it away from the crowd of gaming applications tools. Mobile game app developers can take advantage of this tool to develop both 2D and 3D gaming apps. It’s perfect for making mobile game development.


Powered by Amazon, Lumberyard is an open source game engine which is based on the Cry Engine. It helps in creation of most-versatile gaming applications, with added UI & shades features.  Game app developers can use Amazon Web Services to host & build gaming projects. It pretty much helps in speed up the development process.


This is one of the astounding game engines which facilitates 2D and 3D games for cross platforms or different devices including PC and mobiles. Many of the most popular games are developed on UNREAL ENGINE. The list include – Tara, Blade and Soul, Bio shock, Borderland, Mass effect etc. It uses the node-base interface which aids in coding easier and building game hassle-free. It ranks top in Android game development.


In the game development community UNITY is considered as the most flexible game engine. It’s outstanding and well-performing in creation of 2D & 3D games along with cross platform mobile games. For Android game development, it’s one of the best. Unity supports AR and VR devices as well as phone VR. VRChat, Pokemon, Hearthstone etc. are a few examples of popular games made on this platform.  It’s efficacious for newbies & professional mobile game app developers.


In a bunch of the mobile game development tools CoronaSDK is one of the best for creating cross platform mobile game apps. It’s easy to learn and understand for new learners. This platform provides an exclusive range of the plugins, meanwhile allows for real-time preview. The game developers can make significant changes instantly. It’s good with the following technologies such as – C, C++, Java and HTML5.


Game Maker Studio 2 can bring significant changes in the making of 2D games, which is achieved by  visual-scripting language. It supports with c++ and c# as well as work for all platforms.


A perfect game development tool for building 2D games especially for iOS platforms. It’s a product owned by Apple, made for faster and smoother engines. It has amazing compatibility with other products, and supports the Objective C & Swift languages.


You must try to use RPG Maker if you have passion for programming. It was introduced by Japan in 1992. It’s perfect for making of PC Games and easy to understand and use. Many Android and iOS game apps are made by use of this gaming engine. The games made on this engine are cross compatible that work on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and Linux.  It’s a very quintessential engine for mobile game app developers for beginners to make 2D games.


For those who are new in the field of development and willing to work on game development, Godot can be a good choice for them.  It offers fruitful results without any barriers in learning as it’s quite easy to grasp. It provides an exclusive range of libraries  for creating 2D and 3D game development. We have seen the best tools and technologies for mobile game development, and by the use of these technologies Big Giants in game building try to enhance the seamless app development services.

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