10 Mistakes to Avoid While Working With React Native JS

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React Native is a mobile app framework made by Facebook. It is open-source and depends on JavaScript. React Native works with the utilization of React’s framework with the capacities of native stages. React Native has the office of building cross-stage applications for iOS, Android Windows, and so on It utilizes the equivalent codebase with a superior client experience. This implies that a similar code can be shared by various stages. React Native Developer can save time and assets. Hence, they feel and look really native.

React Native system is an exceptionally adaptable application. It is utilized by presumed organizations like Skype, Facebook, and Uber. There is extraordinary local area support behind it; regardless of its fame, React Native Development Company faces some critical difficulties and is hence are probably going to commit a few errors during its Development. Accordingly, the React Active Developer should make the best use of the JavaScript punctuation so that any adverse consequence doesn’t come into the image. They must be knowledgeable and stay away from the most widely recognized mix-ups.

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Top 10 Mistakes to be kept away from… 

You should consider the accompanying angles when you are developing React Native applications; how about we read further:

1: Incorrect Estimation 

React Native has some reusable parts and code reusability. While developing React Native App, developers should realize that the design of an app page and the page framework shifts essentially on various stages. Additionally, while making a web application, the developers need to check every one of the endpoints presented by the backend.

The app rationale can be enough taken care of provided that the endpoints are coded accurately. Subsequently while assessing your necessity, you should plan for two unique formats and remember the data set construction.

2: Reading the Codes of External Modules 

The error will emerge in the event that you don’t peruse these. Developing outer modules is normal and recoveries extensive time when applied. It becomes simpler as they are labeled with the documentation.


However, tragically, now and again, the modules don’t work to the assumption or may even break. Accordingly, it is fundamental that you give the most extreme consideration to the code and read them to keep away from any misstep. You would then be able to distinguish the issues related to the module and get the appropriate direction for handling and tackling the issues.

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3: Coding Practices 

On the off chance that the coding practice is horrible, you will not expand the application by utilizing the practices. In addition, you should make alterations over and over assuming the necessities surpass. Code can’t be opened. Subsequently, you really want to compose an enormous piece of code. For a superior arrangement, assuming that you have begun coding, try not to think of an arrangement.

To start with, structure the arrangement, later which you ought to go in for coding. For better Code readability, you should take on befitting coding rehearses. Reception of property rebuilding is a powerful choice. Name the factors, for example, techniques, separate life cycle, and components in the Component.

4: Incorrect Planning 

While developing react Native Apps, more spotlight should be put on arranging the application’s design. Treatment of information ought to be centered less. To make the undertaking still more straightforward, you can utilize Redux. It is an instrument to oversee and store the app information successfully, especially in enormous scope applications.

In any event, for minor changes, you will be needed to compose a similar extended code. Thus, you should utilize Redux for bigger applications and keep away from it for more modest activities. Redux might screw up with investigating, rationale tests, and application information stream if not appropriately arranged. It might be ideal assuming you took on as beneath:

  • By framing a store pecking order, structure your documents

  • Incorporate the primary reducer function

  • Consideration and joining of more reducers

  • Configure store

  • Add middleware

5: Console Log Statement 

 This assertion helps in researching the app execution. Yet, if the console.log iOS is left in the app, it becomes basic to influencing the JavaScript string. Besides, the application will be slower as it includes calls from the Redux lumberjack, the archive libraries.

6: Unit Test Unwritten 

Another mix-up that might emerge while developing React Native Apps isn’t playing out the Unit Test. This likely is a result of the imbued propensity for not composing the Unit Test. Pushing forward without a composed test is unsafe. It turns into a demanding errand to address the bugs and different issues without a second to spare.

Items with misfires make a bad introduction concerning the item and brand. To keep away from such possibility, you really want to test the item’s usefulness and be OK before discharge.

7: Use of Stateless Component 

The stateless Component can test rapidly; however, they are not viable in the current situation. Pure Component speeds up the Development of React Native and works with Shallow correlation naturally. Its complicated User Interface cuts down render tasks since it accompanies a Lifecycle strategy.

8: Direct Mutation 

View and Datastore are firmly related. Datastore conveys the whole information in parts, while the view is delivered dependent on the state for which it burns through another framework from the store and shows something similar on the screen. On account of direct state change, the conditions referenced above are debased, and the lifecycle is upset. In addition, you will be restricted by a heavy application and unmanageable code.

9: Unoptimized Images 

On the off chance that the pictures are not upgraded, it devours an immense space and more critical memory. In this manner never leave the picture unoptimized. By upgrading the picture, you can make the picture more modest prior to transferring something very similar into React. The Webpage design speeds up the heap time and decreases parallel sizes pack. Mobile Application Development incorporates React Native developers who might submit the misstep of getting sorted out their venture framework. They may likewise create blunders from not putting resources into the structure, hence making it hard to keep up with the task. The most ideal choice for you is to structure the tasks.


Developers should keep away from these normal mix-ups while developing React Native Apps to guarantee these applications’ smooth and astounding working.

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