vGuard Smart Fan

Home Automation app for Smart Fan

The mobile applications for vGaurd Smart Fan lets user control the fans as per their requirement. Users can control speed, humidity & state of the smart fans in their home. The app is powered with enhanced features such as controlling a group of fans with a single touch, saving the settings for future use etc. The apps are available for download on both Android & iOS

Core Features

Low Energy Bluetooth implementation

The mobile application communicates with the fan over BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth). The fans are first scanned and configured in the app and the same can be controlled thereafter.

Controlling on/off & Speed

The applications gives the power to user via their smart phone to change the state (on/off) and the speed of the fan based on their requirement.

Controlling groups & rooms

For ease of operations, the users can create groups of their fans and control them in sync. The app has the option to create rooms or groups of the fans. The groups will be saved for the user for future use. All fans in a single group can be controlled together.

Extra Features

Modes and Presets

The user can create presets and modes within the group and save those within the application. The app has option to store their favorite settings as pre-sets and apply those to newly installed fans or group of fans. This feature saves time in case of large installations.