Core Features

Location based Attorney Search

The mobile application allows users to search Attorneys near to their current or selected location. The users can browse through the Attorney profiles based on type of Legal help they are seeking. The can connect with the Attorney directly or utilize the live chat feature of the application.

Quora like Legal Forum

Users can post their Legal query in the forum and the expert Attorneys can answer to those queries. The users have a choice to post the query anonymously if they want to. The Attorneys get a feed of unanswered questions which they can chose to answer. This is a free feature of the application.

Legal Aide HelpDesk

The Platform supports a legal aide helpdesk where the users can post their case and the UpLaw platform send that case to selected Attorneys based on the expertise of the Attorneys. The Attorneys can then propose a strategy to the case to the poster of the case and the user can then make an informed selection of their Attorney.

Extra Features

Real time In-app Chat

The users can directly chat with an Attorney using the Real time in-app chat feature. They can also chat with the UpLaw Help Desk.

In-App Payments

The payments on the platform can be made using Google Pay on Android and Apple Pay on iOS.

New clients for Attorneys

Attorneys can register and grow their practice by getting new clients from UpLaw platform. They can promote their services by boosting their profile.