Core Features

Bluetooth Mesh

The applications work on Bluetooth mesh technology which allows users to connect to even those lights which are out of the reach of Bluetooth of their smart phone. The lights create a mesh among themselves and the user can control even far off lights without having to move near those.

Controlling hue, brightness, intensity

The applications gives the power to user via their smart phone to change the brightness, intensity & hue of the lamps based on their requirement. These controls are based on the type of light the user has installed.

Controlling groups

For easy operations, the users can create groups of their lights and control them together. The app has the option to create either homogeneous or heterogeneous groups and control accordingly. The groups will be saved for the user for future use.

Extra Features

Favorite presets

The apps have option to store their favorite settings as pre-sets and apply those to newly installed lights or group of lights. This feature saves time in case of large installations.

Sharing settings

The users allow users to share settings among each other. One user can transfer the entire network with the settings to another user. The new users get quick access to the lights without having to spend time in creating a fresh network. This is an extremely useful feature for sharing among families or colleagues.

Multiple device scanning

The app can detect multiple non-configured devices in a single scanning cycle. The user can the identify and configure each lamp, one after the other. This allows users to save time in case of multiple new lamps.