Core Features

Choice of Delivery time

The platform offers menu of a single restaurant from where the users can order food. The users can browse through the menu, add items to their cart and get food delivered at the time of their choice.

Pay Online securely & CoD

The customers can choose to either pay online using their credit/debit card or pay in cash upon delivery. This gives the power to select the mode of their payment to the customer.  The customer can utilize this option either in the mobile application or the website.

Push Notifications

The apps and the website would notify users of new activity & events even when the user is not actively using the application/website.

Extra Features

Address management

The user can add multiple addresses in the application and set any of the addresses as default. This features helps in quick ordering for repeat customers of the applications/website.

Admin Website & App

The platform also has a feature rich admin both on web and an Android phone application. The restaurant owner would get notified on the mobile application of any new order placed on the platform. The admin website allows the business owner to manager orders. These features ensure that the orders are delivered on time to the end customer. Other features include product catalog manager, user management & payment report.


The applications are build on Android & Java. The notifications are built over Urban Airships’ notification APIs. The website, APIs & admin are built on ASP .net MVC with SQL server for database.