Core Features

Landing page that leaves an impression

The landing page of the website determines whether the visitor is going to go deeper into the website or leave from right there. The landing page of this website was designed so that the user gets hooked to the website and explores it further. It leaves a lasting positive impression on the visitor.

Services Offered

The services offered section informs visitors about the types and range of services that OSS Cube offers to their clients. It includes case studies of the past work that they have delivered in past.

Content Management System

The solution utilizes the powerful Content Management System that Wordpress provides. It has been highly customized as per the requirements of the website managers of OSSCube so that they can edit each aspect of the website as and when they need to.

Extra Features

Technical competencies

The technical competencies show all the technologies that OSS Cube specializes in.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials is an essential part of the website as it displays the trust their customers have placed in the capabilities of business. This section instills confidence in the website visitors.

Solution Technology

The website was designed in Photoshop and developed in HTML & CSS. The back end of the website is WordPress. The design stands apart from the crowd and is mobile responsive.