Core Features

Ordering module with Bar Code Scanner

The application can be used to capture orders from customers and place those in system for delivery on a desired date. The products can be scanned using bar code scanner so that the orders can be placed quickly

Customer Order History

The relationship manager can access the order history of any customer and recommend products. This is an excellent feature to up sell or cross sell products.

Analytics and Reports

The application provides Analytics and reporting which help in the analysis of any territory. The reports can be generated customer wise, product wise or location wise. This provides insights which are needed to grow their business further.

Extra Features

Offline Access & On demand sync

The relationship managers are often on the road and do not have ready access to network. So the offline access of the entire data with in the app is a highly used feature in the app. The sync feature allows users to sync up data whenever they have access to internet.

Territory summary

The relationship managers can view the summary of their territories and regions in order to compare themselves against their targets and year-on-year performanc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

The application is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.