Core Features

Shopify platform

The new website works on Shopify platform giving the power to manage every aspect of the website in hands of the business owner. The migration from Vollusion to Shopify was the key aspect of the project.

Cart management

The users can add multiple products to their carts and manage quantity from the cart page. Once order is placed the cart gets clear and user can build another order.

Payment Gateway - PayPal

The PayPal payment gateway is integrated on the myhoneychild website. Based on the popularity of PayPal in USA region, it was an obvious choice for the client.

Extra Features

New modern design

The website needed a design upgrade as the website had a dated look. The new look started with a fresh logo design, which was approved in a single iteration. The design team then developed a new design based on the look of the new logo and the same was on Shopify.

Product Label Design

Along with the website design, the product labels of the client were also re-designed by our design team. The product labels were designed for the entire product line of the client.


Migration from Vollusion to Shopify. The designs were developed in Photoshop and html/css were developed from the approved designs.